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Wall Street's Falling Stars? These Big Names Aren't Doing So Well

by Jeremy H.
Wall Street is continuing yesterday's gains following a rally in overseas markets. Stocks are mostly higher, but weakness in certain tech names like Netflix are putting pressure on Nasdaq. This article will discuss Netflix, Goldman Sachs and more.
Jeremy H.
Orlando, Florida, United States

About Jeremy H.

From 2002 to 2010, I served as lead paralegal and legal writer for a New York and Florida-based investment fraud law firm. In 2010, I branched out on my own to work as a stock fraud consultant, legal writer and copywriter for a select base of private clients. As a freelance writer, I draft content on a wide array of topics -- especially legal matters such as personal injury, immigration, divorce and family law, criminal defense, workers' compensation, criminal, bankruptcy, business litigation, civil litigation, real estate, Social Security disability and more.