Milwaukee: it's more than just beer

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Milwaukee, though known for its breweries, has plenty more to offer those who are curious enough to dig around for the city's hidden gems. With quality food, lakefront beaches and charming local personality, travelers have a lot to discover.

Andrew C

Washington, District of Columbia, United States •

I am an avid traveler and bicyclist, and use these as a basis for much of my writing, focusing on bringing communities together. My travels have provided me with a diverse set of experiences, writing about human rights, foreign policy, culture, technology, and transportation. Any topic interests me, and I am quick to learn the nuances of new subjects as well as adapt my style to the project at hand. This also helps me with technical writing skills by effectively engaging readers that might not necessarily be interested in information that an organization provides. I have experience with research, translation and interviewing through which I help organizations grow and maintain their audiences.

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