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How a Bullet Journal Can Get You Organized Like Never Before

by Melody G.
If your to-do lists and calendars scattered across devices and scraps of paper, you might be ready for this innovative way to plan, organize, and execute your life tasks. 

Try the simplicity, elegance, all-in-one organization of the bullet journal.
Melody G.
St. Louis, Missouri, United States

About Melody G.

Melody S. Gee is a freelance writer and editor based in St. Louis, MO, with 10 years of writing and editing experience, and 14 years of college teaching and curriculum design experience. For bloggers and website owners, Melody creates informative web content and popular SEO articles to drive traffic to your site. She has researched and written landing pages and articles on higher education, relationships & counseling, residential real estate, nutrition, leadership & management, health & wellness. With graphic design experience and working knowledge of Wix and Wordpress, Melody can help refresh or redesign your website, infographic, brochure, or mailer. For instructional designers, Melody creates and edits curriculum materials for all grades, based on the latest trends in Instructional Design and Universal Design, with specialization in writing and rhetoric curriculum. Melody is currently available for all project types, and looking forward to getting stared on yours.