Five Industries Besides Cryptocurrency Blockchain Could Transform

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Although best known for its use as the underlying code used by Bitcoin, blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt and transform many industries outside cryptocurrency. The versatile yet secure open-source code could revolutionize these five industries. [land record management; healthcare; agricultural supply chains; and jewelry.[

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I'm a content writer and manager with front-end development skills living in Richmond, VA. My background as a historian has given me the ability to research, analyze information and synthesize it into a clear, conside story. I bring all those skills to the table along with my natural enthusiasm and curiosity. While I have a wide variety of interests, my love of language and story run throughout. I'm a polyglot with the good fortune to have lived or spent significant time in Oregon, California, Lebanon, Italy and New York City. Wherever I've gone, I've noticed how stories, whether historic...

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