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Don't fear the fur: Ways to recycle your old fur coat

by Terri M.
I will talk about ways to use an old fur coat, in a useful, animal-friendly way. Some ideas include repurposing them into things like dog-beds and pet-coats or donating them to a wildlife rescue for valuable tax breaks.
Terri M.
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

About Terri M.

I am a licensed clinical social worker with experience working in the mental health care realm. I appreciate alternative treatment models, including the impacts of nutrition, fitness, and spirituality on overall health and well-being. I encourage my clients to practice mindfulness, live in the moment, and adopt an "attitude of gratitude" during rehabilitation and recovery for optimal progress toward their own goals of self-actualization. In addition to various group and individual therapy techniques, I enjoy learning and teaching lessons in sustainability. My goal is to join the "tiny-house movement" and build my own fully-sustainable 240-square foot castle. I have a deep compassion and respect for animals, and am a vegan for both ethical and health reasons. I believe that eating wholesome foods that are devoid of any animal products makes an immeasurable difference in how you look, how you feel, and how you live.