Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media

If you want your online business to be successful, you need to include social media sites in your marketing strategy. Social media sites offer businesses the opportunity to connect with millions of potential customers on a daily basis. Thus, you need a social media strategy to help you take advantage of these marketing tools and increase your profits. If you haven’t developed a social media marketing campaign, there are several reasons you should.

More customers are on Facebook and Twitter than anywhere else

Literally millions of people are on social media sites, and a significant percentage of them are interested in what your business has to offer. If you can target your status updates towards the customers who are interested in seeing them, you can potentially attract hundreds of thousands of customers to your business. If you’re a smaller or localized business, you don’t need as huge a customer base, but you’ll be able to reach those customers in your area with special discounts, deals and events available only via your social media page. Being able to reach customers is so important that many of our clients hire freelancers to write status updates for them on social media sites.

Social media gives you unique opportunities to interact with existing customers

Social media sites not only help attract new customers to your page, but also allow you to interact with your current customers. Customers can ask a quick question, thank you for a product they found helpful or schedule appointments via social media. This saves you and your customers time and makes it easy to provide superior customer service.

Social media provides free advertising

Since the purpose of social media is to share things with your friends, your customers will advertise your business without you having to pay for a single word. Customers may post your business page link on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, share photos of new products they just bought or check in to your store when participating in a sale. Their friends could potentially share the same photos and links with their friends, leading to an endless chain of free advertisements for you. If you hire bloggers to write blogs for you regularly, your readers may also talk to their friends about your blogs, which can lead to more readers–and more potential customers–for you.

You don’t want to let all of that potential marketing go to waste, so you should begin working on your social media strategy today. Part of your strategy should be to hire writers to help you write blogs, tweets and Facebook posts. As a busy business owner, you may not have the time or inclination to write posts yourself; why not pay us a little bit to get professionally written posts for your social media accounts so that you can attract customers without taking your focus off your business?