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Your #1 Untapped Resource: Scripted’s Community Manager

Meet Taylor Micaela Davis, a Scripted writer’s best friend.

Nowadays, it can be easy for freelance workers to excel at their jobs. In fact, Scripted writers churn out thousands of unique, high-quality blog posts and articles each month, often while cozied up at home. But how many Scripted writers know about their community and the help that’s available to them?

While working online can create a communication gap at times, Scripted’s Writer Community Manager, Taylor Micaela Davis, is here to close that divide. Here’s what she had to say about cultivating a productive work environment for Scripted writers.

Q: Can you give us an idea of a day in the life of a Community Manager?

A: My workday usually consists of responding to writer inquiries, working on outreach projects, developing educational materials, processing writer applications, and bolstering and nourishing Scripted’s writer community through events, conferences and recruitment efforts. When I’m not doing these tasks, I’m usually rock climbing.

Q: In what circumstances should Scripted writers contact you for help?

A: My job is to be the point person within the company for all writers, regardless of the question. If a writer ever wants clarification on a job, protocol or request — or if he or she just wants to provide feedback on the Scripted experience — I’m their lady.

Q: What would you say is the most misunderstood aspect of your position?

A: I think that some writers believe that I’m more of a policewoman than a resource. While part of my duties involve ensuring that the quality of writing remains high, most of my role revolves around making life (and work) easier for writers.

Q: What is the most common mistake you see writers make?

A: There are two common mistakes I see with our writers: taking on more work than they can complete with the level of quality at which they usually perform and providing repetitive, unsubstantive content. These two issues often go hand in hand, as writers sometimes run out of time to complete projects and revert to employing awkward phrases or unoriginal content to reach the word count.

Q: What aspect of managing a community of writers appeals to you the most?

A: My favorite part of managing the Scripted writer community is getting to talk to and interact with our writers. Since we are an online marketplace, it can be difficult to develop the relationships and rapport that many communities need.

I enjoy interfacing with our writers and learning from them, not only about the product but also about their working styles and the various intricacies of freelancing today. As a former freelance writer myself, I think it’s important for all of Scripted to understand how our writers work and what we can do to make everything run more smoothly between writers and clients.

Q: What is the most important role you serve as Community Manager?

A: I believe that my most important role is to be the voice of the writers. I take feedback, inquiries and issues to the rest of the team so that we as a company are providing the best platform and service for our writers.

Q: What do you think is a surefire way for writers to engage their readers?

As simple as it sounds, I think that the best way for writers to engage their readers involves providing them with content that they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Q: Why does Scripted need, and truly benefit from, a Community Manager?

A: I think it’s really imperative for our writers to have a liaison between our clients and themselves. We’re in the business of making everyone involved happy, and I spend most of my time trying to do just that.

So there you have it — a peek into the role of Scripted’s Writer Community Manager. We hope this gives our writers a better idea of how Taylor can assist them, and our clients a better idea of how we produce quality content each week.

Have a question for Taylor? Reach out to her in the comments below.

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