Need A Love Letter This Valentine’s Day? Order One From Scripted

This Valentine’s Day have a Scripted Writer turn your feelings into words through a $15 love letter. 

What’s the right way to tell a parent that decades of love gave you confidence and stability? Or that your partner’s support and deep understanding of your true self has etched out a bright spot in your life that you’ll never forget? The answer is a well-written love letter, of course.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we’re offering shelter from the self-doubt you feel when you try to put these feelings into words. We’ve borrowed an idea from our favorite mumbling love letter writer — known for his expressive, award-nominated forehead — and we’re offering loving words from our writers’ romantic, thoughtful minds.

For $15, you’ll receive a beautifully written piece of work between 100 and 150 words, crafted by vetted writers and polished by our professional editors. Simply sign up and order a love letter just like you’d order any other piece of content from us. All you have to do is fill out the following information to make the love letter as personalized as possible:

Name – What’s the name of the recipient?

What is the relationship? – Who is this letter for (boyfriend, wife, mother, etc.)?

What to mention – Give us details about your loved one, (the more the merrier). What memories do you share? What makes them special (gorgeous blue eyes, sense of humor, loving care, etc.)?

What to avoid? – Are there things we might mention that could set off red flags (swearing, etc.)?

Preferred Structure (paragraphs, bulleted lists, rhyming, poem)

Additional Instructions

Note: On the ‘Create a Job’ form you’ll notice a checkbox to select a specialist. For love letters, make sure the ‘No Specialist Required’ box is marked.

That’s it! Once you hit “Add the Job” your request will be assigned to a writer. You’ll get the finalized letter in 3-5 business days. Be sure to order before February 6 to get your love letter in time for Valentine’s day. If you order it after February 6, make sure to ask for a 3-day turnaround time.

Expressing your love doesn’t have to be hard. Send a personalized Scripted Love Letter to add eloquence and grace to the profound love you feel.

*Disclaimer: We won’t be responsible for break ups if your letter doesn’t go as planned.

Order a Love Letter Now

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