Welcoming JD Peterson to The Scripted.com Team

Officially announcing JD Peterson as Scripted.com’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Since 2011, the talented team here at Scripted.com has been dedicated to building technology that will help improve the quality of writing on the Internet. We realize that good writers are hard to find — and quality isn’t always guaranteed — which is why we continue to find, vet and build tools to help businesses find the most qualified writers in their respective industries. Our goal is a lofty one, but not an unattainable one with the collaboration, intellect and motivation of the staff here. It’s on that note that I’d like to welcome JD Peterson, former Vice President of Marketing at Zendesk, to the family as Scripted.com’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. JD is a rare talent in the Silicon Valley — he is part of a unique breed of folks that are both world-class in product, and marketing.

JD began his tenure at Zendesk in 2011 when the marketing team consisted of just a few employees. Throughout the last three years, he’s grown the team into nearly 50 people who are focused on product marketing, lead generation, content marketing, social media and more. When I first met JD at a Redpoint Content Marketing conference, I was impressed by his aptitude in content and product marketing — two facets of the Scripted.com marketing strategy that we believe will be very valuable moving forward. We’re thrilled JD shares the same passion for the written word that we do, and you can expect to see fresh and original marketing tactics through his leadership.

“I joined Scripted because they’re solving a problem that I experienced firsthand, every day while I was at Zendesk. The need for high-quality original content is never going away, and Scripted is at the cutting edge of solving this problem through technology, product, and great freelancers,” JD says.

Welcome, JD and here’s to a successful tenure at Scripted!

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