4 Skills to Look for In Content Marketers In 2015

Content marketing is evolving rapidly  — here’s what to look for when hiring the ones who run the show in 2015.

Top content marketers aren’t born — they’re made. It takes a special mix of creativity, analytical skills and business acumen to successfully manage a content marketing strategy. Since content marketing is a booming industry, different factors are constantly changes when it comes to what separates the best from the mediocre. If hiring a content marketer — someone who helps oversee your content marketing strategy and provides a final stamp of approval for your content efforts — is part of your blueprint this new year, here are the qualities you should be looking for in 2015.

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1. They Know How To Repurpose

In an age when the Internet is overpopulated with content, it’s important for content marketers to know how to recycle. The ability to repurpose and re-craft a piece to target an entirely different audience is an art — and it’s one of the most valuable skills a content marketer can hone. That’s because longevity is often built on versatility. By demonstrating that you can understand and target different audiences, even with the same message, you can gain work in different areas without having to reinvent the wheel.

When interviewing someone for a content marketing position, ask them to explain a time when they recycled a piece of content. Have the interviewee walk you through the different audiences the recycled content reached, and how the each audience received the message differently.

2. They Can Develop A Voice Your Audience Wants To Hear

Voice can seem like an ineffable quality, but it’s essential for top content marketers to have one — and know how to uphold a strong one for your brand. The best and brightest know that their voice — the unique way they approach language, structure, and style — is what separates them from the pack though. Top content professionals understand that while each piece needs to have a strong voice, the ability to keep it consistent across different content formats and platforms is crucial.

During an interview with a content marketing candidate, ask him or her their thoughts on developing a brand voice. If possible, have the candidate provide an example of a time they had to develop a brand voice and the process it took to reach a mutual consensus on a specific language and copy style.

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3. They Have An Eye For Design

Great content isn’t just about great words — and top content creators know that how a piece looks on the page can make all the difference to a reader. Many readers find long blocks of text to be boring and even intimidating. To avoid that content kiss of death, content marketers need to know how to figure out ways to vary the length and structure of sentences, making content easily readable and scannable.

Another interview tip to see if a candidate has this quality is to ask him/her to break up walls of text, and use structure to his/her advantage to get and keep a reader’s attention.

4.They’re Accountable – No Excuses

There’s a secret all top content marketers share: great content marketers have a specific intuition — an inner sense of motivation and accountability that makes their work stand out from the pack. To reign supreme in the game of content, you need to be on top of your professional game, meet and exceed team expectations, and keep your enthusiasm and energy levels high. Managing and creating a lot of content can get crazy at times, but it’s important for a content marketer to be a rockstar at meeting deadlines and being held accountable.

From voice to structure, flexibility to internal motivation, there’s definitely a special something that makes top content marketers stand out.

What do you think will make a great content marketer in 2015? Share your comments with us below.

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