What’s a Content Acquisition Specialist? 5 Content Writing Jobs Defined

Content writing is an increasingly sophisticated industry, which has led to a wave of hyper-specialized content marketing jobs. From content acquisition specialists to analysts, who’s who?

As content marketing matures and content tools become increasingly sophisticated, the industry is relying on increasingly specialized content marketers. This need has led to the creation of new jobs in the field of content marketing for those with design, coding and multimedia experience.

We’ve collected five new content positions in addition to an educated guestimate of how much brands are paying these specialists.

1. Web Content Acquisition

  • Jobs listed on Indeed67
  • Average Indeed estimated salary: $65,896

Content marketers are increasingly relying on high-tech methods to generate better and better content. Web content acquisition experts specialize in collecting data and trends from content across the internet in an effort streamline content curation. They’re essentially web developers charged with developing automated ways of collecting ideas and content ideas to aid editorial staff.

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2. Content Analyst

  • Jobs listed on Indeed: 77
  • Average Indeed estimated salary: $45,577

As content marketers become increasingly focused on producing detailed, well-researched content, they’re in great need of specialists to guide the content creation process. A company focused on providing legal services may hire a legal content analyst to help generate ideas for blog posts, in addition to assuring the accuracy of the content.

3. SEO Content Writer

  • Jobs listed on Indeed: 91
  • Average Indeed estimated salary: $40,000

It’s well-known Google’s latest update was designed to level the playing field and punish publishers that abused SEO link building techniques, but that doesn’t mean SEO is dead. Content creators are increasingly looking for content writers with a knowledge base in search engine optimization, not for content farming, but to squeeze the most search value out of each piece of content.

4. Content Designer

  • Jobs listed on Indeed46
  • Average Indeed estimated salary: $43,648

As content production becomes increasingly competitive, brands are taking every effort to increase the quality of their content by making it more attractive and intuitive. Content designers are a relatively new content role aimed towards making content more aesthetically pleasing, by hiring web designers skilled in designing pages that allow for maximum readability and sharablility.

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5. Technology Content Writer

  • Jobs listed on Indeed: 51
  • Average Indeed estimated salary: $60,000

Technology content editors are a cross between technical and content writers. Since the tech industry is making big investments in producing content there’s an increased need to translate complicated tech products and services into everyday English. The complex nature of these tech products and services has made in-depth knowledge of various forms of tech absolutely necessary, which has led to the rise of technology content writer/editors.

Quality content is the buzzword of the year. As marketers attempt to improve their content, they’ll likely need content creators that have specialized knowledge in order to provide the depth and creativity necessary for great content. Expect a diverse range of new content jobs as the industry matures.

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