Independence Day to Labor Day: Plan Your Content Around These Summer Holidays

Jump in the pool of current events to make your written content relevant and engaging for your readers.

The “holiday season” refers to the autumn to winter stretch of American holidays for a reason. After you get past this time of year, holidays are few and far in between. Case in point: summer. Holiday sparse summertime is especially frustrating for content marketers as holidays drive our content calendars and traffic slows during the warmer months (see also: How to Manage an Effective Editorial Calendar). Still, you should make the most of this limited, but lovely holiday season, so we’ve listed notable summer events, along with content suggestions.

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June 23 – July 6: Wimbledon

A great way to make your content timely is by following current events. Wimbledon is an annual tennis championship that is often a main topic of conversation in late June and early July. Use this as an opportunity to have fun with your content and come up with creative story ideas that have a tennis edge.

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July 4: Independence Day

July 4th is one of the biggest holidays of the year. This holiday celebrates the birth of the United States with fireworks, food and fun. As a content marketer, there’s an infinite number of ways to take advantage of this holiday. The holiday is surrounded by broad themes of independence, individuality, patriotism, history and summer fun. You can promote content based on these themes or simply poll readers about what they’re doing on that day.

Ongoing – July 13: World Cup

The World Cup has already grabbed readers’ attention in several publications, but it’s not too late to jump on this international event; games will be held until July 13. Similar to Wimbledon, this is an opportunity to get creative with your content. Perhaps you can play with gamification or weigh in on how your respective industry has been participating in World Cup conversations through ads, content and more.

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July 27: Parents’ Day

Next to Mother’s and Father’s Day, Parents’ Day is another opportunity to recognize moms and dads. Almost any business can create content around Parents’ Day, as the theme of family is universally understood. You can also repurpose any Mother’s or Father’s Day content you have at this time.

August 3: Friendship & Forgiveness Day

There’s a chance you haven’t heard of this one, but the first Sunday in August is Friendship and Forgiveness Day. During this holiday, people celebrate their friendships. Keep your content relevant to the themes of friendship and forgiveness without getting off the path of serving your customers. This can also be an opportunity for you to launch a promotion or discount strategy for your product through a friend referral program.

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September 1: Labor Day

Labor Day is the first Monday in September. It’s meant to acknowledge the contributions that American workers have made in the labor movement towards workers’ rights issues. It’s also seen as the end of summer. You can build content around both themes to help readers follow you into the fall season.

Summer may seem like a slow time of year for your business, but it doesn’t have to be. If you organize content around all the summer holidays, you’ll keep your readers coming back for more.

How are you planning your content this summer? Share your thoughts with us below. 

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