Why Marketers Should Use Content Writing Services In 2015

Imagine how much time you could save if you left the writing to a content writing service.

Content marketing is an increasingly popular and specialized field — but it’s not always feasible to perform each step of a content strategy in-house. Sometimes, simply cutting out the writing process by using a content writing service can make all the difference in your budget and schedule. If you’re thinking about using one, we’ve put together a few common situations that have led marketers to use content writing services. Can you relate?

More Reasons Why Marketers Use Content Writing Services

1. You’d Like to Spend Your Marketing Dollars Elsewhere

It’s possible to have capable marketing writers, but still need outside content. Creating a cohesive and winning content strategy is difficult and time-consuming enough. Send your content ideas to third party content specialists to skip the time-consuming step of writing.

2. You Don’t Have a Team of Writers

Not every business can afford to employ writers and many more simply don’t have a great enough need to justify the expense. Ordering content gives you the freedom to get what you need without having to hire — and manage — another full-time staff member.

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3. Your Want to Boost Your SEO Ranking

A good SEO ranking is essential for any business with a significant online presence, but learning the ropes of SEO for content writing takes time. Content writing services that hire writers with proven SEO experience offer a way to build your search ranking without investing in SEO experts. Many of these content writers are also experienced in writing clear, coherent blog posts that incorporate keywords, but avoid bad, clunky writing.

4. You Need a Variety of Technical Content

You’ve likely heard the phrase “write what you know.” Writers live by this mantra because they know it’s impossible to write anything worth reading without having a knowledge base to draw upon. That’s why if your content needs span multiple subjects, industries and content formats, it’s easier to place an order than hire multiple content writers.

5. You Want Content to Engage Your Audience

People are increasingly less likely get their purchasing ideas from advertisements. They want well-produced, intelligent, unbiased information that helps them make a decision. According to a Roper Public Affairs report cited by the Content Marketing Institute, 80 percent of business decision makers would rather get their information from a series of articles than from advertisements. Additionally, 70 percent said that well-crafted content makes the reader feel closer to a company.

Do you use a content writing service? Share your thoughts with us below.

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