With Content Marketing, No Strategy = No ROI

Creating content isn’t enough in itself – you need to have a clear, defined strategy to see ROI. Here’s how you can create a winning content strategy.

Even if you don’t have a full content marketing strategy, you probably already know about the importance of content marketingAfter all, the rise of ad-blockers means traditional digital advertising needs to be supplemented with new forms of marketing. The overwhelming cultural shift towards media consumption on-demand means awesome content is key to building a base of potential leads.

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So, while it’s clear that content marketing is critical in order to help your business thrive, it’s also important to realize that your content marketing efforts should be implemented with a concrete strategy. Haphazardly creating a strategy to fill the Internet with content — even if that content is top-notch — simply doesn’t guarantee your marketing will pay off. Here’s why strategy is so important when it comes to content marketing ROI.

Meeting Target KPIs

When you develop a content marketing strategy for your business, you are investing in a longer term conversion channel. With a content plan in place, you can easily analyze the content’s KPIs (key performance indicators) and ensure that it’s working, with tangible numbers that you can see and understand. Lay out KPIs as part of your initial plan, and use analytics to ensure the content has an ideal reach, number of views, social media shares and so on. If you’ve laid out a strategy and the content is NOT performing as desired, you can re-evaluate and tweak accordingly. Without laying out a content strategy, you won’t know whether your efforts are earning your business the ROI you were hoping for.

Boosting Logistical Effectiveness

Content marketing is a game that doesn’t end. This means that you can’t simply publish one blog post (or even dozens) and leave it at that. You’ll need to share content regularly and strategically on the appropriate channels to attract an audience. A content marketing strategy that incorporates an editorial calendar will keep content flowing on a consistent basis — and ensure it doesn’t become haphazard or simply forgotten.

Creating a Company Narrative

Your company’s content should tell a story — over time. To ensure that a logical narrative is properly built, you must step back, and, from an objective viewpoint, lay out a content plan where each post or article builds on the last. This ensures that all content demonstrates that a business moving forward, making progress or evolving. Content marketing can help establish a brand as a trusted thought leader — and approaching content with a plan makes that task much easier.

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