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The top benefits of getting blog ideas are:

Here are the leading benefits of receiving energy & environment blog ideas from Scripted:

Keeps Readers Informed — When you buy blog ideas from Scripted, you’ll receive informative content that drives education with your readers. Increases Website Traffic — From content about conservation efforts to blogs about solar technology, these posts can increase website traffic for your brand. Helps Readers Make Informed Decisions — With the help of Scripted’s skilled energy & environment writers, this informative, engaging content can change the lives of your readers. These topics can help your viewers make more eco-friendly choices. Inspires Change — The extensive network of Scripted writers can help you tackle a wide variety of topics. This content can discuss several issues in the energy & environment space, which can inspire change with your readers. Covers a Variety of Topics — When you buy blog ideas from Scripted, this can mix up the content on your site. A blend of different industry topics helps to keep readers engaged and ready to learn more. Makes You a Trusted Resource — By consistently writing about valuable topics, you can become a dependable resource in the energy & environment industry.

Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Energy Markets After OPEC

Article will cover factors that have weakened OPEC's control over energy markets. Topics will include: shale production in the US, instability in the Middle East (particularly in Iraq), and mechanisms to enforce production cuts.

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Ray S
Ray S.
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How Home Automation Helps You Live Green

Home automation can help reduce energy consumption while improving convenience. Energy monitors track energy usage on a room-by-room basis and send automatic reports to your email, allowing you to pinpoint problem areas and improve them.

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7 Ways to Cut Your Home's Carbon Footprint

This article will cover the simple, practical steps everyone can take to reduce the energy their home consumes. I'd talk about issues such as switching to energy-saving lightbulbs, composting, timed lighting and switching to energy efficient tech.

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Malcolm C
Malcolm C.
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240 reviews
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Solar and Multifamily Housing – An Equation for Economic Benefit

A report from the Center for Sustainable Energy found that installing solar batteries to affordable multifamily housing units could reduce energy bills for tenants by as much as 99 percent. I want to make the findings more digestible.

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James M
James M.
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17 reviews
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Benefits & Disadvantages of Freelancing

Being a freelancer is amazing. You get to set your own schedule, pick your own projects and be your own boss. However, things can get a little complex when tax time rolls around, and finding clients can be a scramble!

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Actions You Can Take To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

I will discuss ways to reduce your carbon footprint including:lightbulbs, carpool or transit, adjust curtains and thermostat, buy local food, energy efficient appliances etc

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Tracy S
Tracy S.
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31 reviews
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Why ICOs are Not Ready to Take Over Traditional Venture Capital

1. Poor liquidity 2. Incentive Misalignment & Capital Inefficiency 3. Timing & Pressure of Going Public 4. Quality Control / Scams 5. Interference from market makers/day traders 6. Inadequate regulation

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Floyd Mayweather vs Connor MacGregor in June: Has Sports Gone Mad?

Just announced- boxing match between newly licensed boxer & MMA champion, MacGregor, has gotten his mad wish & will be facing undefeated welterweight champion, Mayweather this June. Comic quote from Ricky Hatten via Business Insider. Research links.

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Leanne F
Leanne F.
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58 reviews
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3 Big Ways To Live Green

This post will look at three ways to bring sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices into everyday living. This might include composting and recycling, energy efficiency, and using green products. It will touch why these are important.

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Choosing a Bed & Breakfast for Your Next Vacation

I would write about the different amenities available at B & B's and how to find one that will make your vacation experience not only memorable, but spectacular! Thank you for your consideration.

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5 Lawn & Garden Trends You Need to Know About

I'd discuss the following: 1. Container Gardens are All the Rage 2. High Tech is Everywhere 3. Furnishings and Fountains are Popular 4. Habitat Restoration is Growing 5. Elegant Outdoor Dining is Evolving

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How Planned Border Wall Will Kill Butterflies & Why You Should Care

Monarch butterflies face extinction, and so does the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, a sanctuary to at least 60 types of butterflies. The proposed border wall likely will mean the end of this sanctuary. Dwindling numbers of butterflies, ravaged by loss of habitats, climate changes and use of pesticides, do not just diminish beauty in the world. Dying populations of the winged insect also contribute to problems for the human populations. Learn more about butterflies plight and importance, as well as identify what actions you can take to help.

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Emmay J
Emmay J.
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6 Things New Hikers Should Pack for Their First Multi-day Hike

Getting into outdoors sports & hobbies can be daunting at first. This will be a fun, approachable, and brief guide for beginners on items they should definitely have on their first multi-day hike.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Life Greener

I'd like to write a 500-word article listing different ways to make the reader's life easier. Items I would like to discuss are: recycling plastic bags at grocery stores, use a razor with refillable blades instead of disposables, slowly changing your lights and appliances to be energy efficient, start thrifting whenever possible, and having receipts emailed to you.

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Ceillie S
Ceillie S.
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3 Ways to Give Back When Short on Time and Money

Target audience: Millennials (college students and young professionals) living with limited time & money, but with the desire to give back. Outlines 3 easy ways to support charities/nonprofits. Angle (lifestyle, financial, etc.) tailored to audience.

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