The Value of a Press Release in Modern Media

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your content strategy, you should consider press releases. Although this type of content predates the Internet, it is an important part of your marketing and social media strategy. Not only can you provide your customers with newsworthy information via a well-structured press release, but you can also help improve your search engine optimization and make it more likely that new customers will find your business online. Here are some other reasons you might want to hire freelancers to write this type of content for you.

Viral capabilities. You can post these types of releases on free press release distribution sites as well as on your website, then point customers to the link by posting it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. If your customers find your content interesting, they may repost it on their pages. Their friends may then repost it as well. This allows your content to go all over the Internet and reach an unlimited number of potential customers. Some releases might even get reposted on blogs with a national or international audience, making it even more likely that potential customers will find you.

Back links. Google and other search engines base site rank partially on the number of back links to the site. Every time another site links to your site, you get a boost in your search score, assuming that the other site is reputable. If you include a link to your site in your release, it should help you move up in search engine results for your keywords.

Adds to credibility. Writing press releases adds to your credibility as well as to your search engine optimization score. When potential customers read your releases, they’ll be impressed with you and may respect you more. This makes it more likely that these customers will do business with you. In order to ensure that your releases are professionally written, you may want to hire content writers who are familiar with this kind of writing.

In order to get the positive benefits of writing this type of content, you need to make sure you only write releases about newsworthy events such as new product lines, major sales or other events related to your business. This type of writing is more like a news story than an advertisement, and it must follow a particular structure. Why not let one of our writers write your press releases for you so that you can be assured of professional-quality content that will drive customers to your business?