[Webinar Recap] How Content Can Position Your Brand As a Thought Leader

We joined forces with Influence & Co. to talk about how content can help brands build thought leadership — watch the webinar here.

Thought leadership doesn’t happen overnight, but this doesn’t mean it’s an unreachable achievement for your brand. In order to be the leader of the pack in your industry, you need to be bold— and have engaging content to communicate and support that boldness.

On February 19, Scripted’s Chief Revenue Officer, J.D. Peterson, and Influence & Co.’s CEO/Co-founder, John Hall, teamed up to talk about how marketers can build thought leadership in their industries. From reviewing actionable ways to establish thought leadership to discussing how to measure it, the two provided valuable advice on how any brand can step up their thought leadership game and rise above the competition. You can watch the full recording below — we also included a link to the slides on SlideShare. Enjoy!

Watch The Presentation:


SlideShare Presentation:

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