Announcing Specialists

An overview of specialists, how they’re vetted, and best use cases. 

You’re most likely familiar with Scripted’s generalist writers and their knack for creating content on topics as far-ranging as gaming consoles and luxury spas. What you may not know is that Scripted also has a growing team of Specialist writers whose industry-specific knowledge lends itself to different types of content. Read on to learn more about this select group and the benefits they can offer your brand.

Scripted Specialists: The Nitty Gritty

Just who are Scripted Specialists, anyway? A small subset of our writer pool, Specialists are writers with in-depth knowledge of niche industries, including law, medicine, finance, tech, interior design, web design, and more.

These writers have not only proven their writing chops, but they have diverse experience outside the writing world. Many have spent years working in other industries while maintaining a sideline writing career. Others are driven by a deep personal interest in their fields of specialization. All of our Specialists have top-notch research skills and are ready to bolster their personal knowledge with the latest insight from industry leaders.

Best Uses for Specialist Writing

Where generalist writers are ideal for content intended for broader audiences, Specialists’ work is best suited for niche audiences–those with a background in a certain field. Specialist writers are comfortable using industry-specific language, and they create pieces that resonate with others in a given profession.

That’s not to say that Specialists can’t also target topic novices. Au contraire: Because these writers are so familiar with their chosen industries (and what constitutes expertise), they’re able to help newbies learn the basics. However, most clients choose Specialists for pieces geared toward industry insiders.

Based on past clients’ experience, we’ve found that Specialists are the best at writing these types of content:

• Blog posts addressing new developments or controversies in a given field
• White papers
• How-tos and guides for readers with at least intermediate knowledge of a topic

Journey from Generalist to Specialist

Just like our generalists, Specialists must complete Scripted’s rigorous application process. This process tests their knowledge of the English language and requires them to submit writing samples for board review.

Once a writer has passed the initial application, they’re eligible to nominate themselves for Specialist status through their Scripted account.

The Vetting Process

To be considered for this status, a writer provides us with the following information:

• A brief biography detailing their experience in the field
• A short writing sample that demonstrates their knowledge of the subject
• Links to their LinkedIn profile and online portfolio (if applicable)

All applications are reviewed by our internal team. In order to become a Specialist, a writer must demonstrate exemplary writing skill and share evidence of their involvement in their field of interest.

Some Specialists are also nominated via algorithm. If a writer meets the necessary criteria–specific business satisfaction scores and experience writing on relevant topics–our team is alerted that the writer might make a great Specialist. Our team then reviews each writer’s performance and credentials, assigning Specialist status when appropriate.

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