What Are Video Scripts? | Glossary

A video script gives you a blueprint for producing video content. Most video scripts include a description of action taking place on screen as well as the words that characters or voiceover actors will speak. You can always tweak video script projects to get precisely what you need, though. Some producers only want writers to create dialog between characters. Others want a complete vision that includes plot, stage directions, and other recommendations.

Online video content has become increasingly popular over the last few years. An estimated 232 million Americans watched digital videos in 2020. Adding videos to your website—or uploading them to platforms like YouTube—improves your overall content marketing strategy. As more people start to expect web pages to host video content, businesses will need more video scripts to stay ahead of their competitors.

Writing a great video script requires a lot of experience and talent. Professional writers spend years honing their craft so they can produce video scripts that persuade audiences with dialog that sounds natural.

Some of the benefits you can expect from hiring a professional video script writer include:

  • Improved production value
  • Better engagement with your target audience
  • Voiceovers and conversations that communicate core messages
  • Brand consistency
  • More shares on social media
  • Better performance from the actors in your videos
  • Increased traffic to your website

Finding the perfect writer to create your video script can involve a lot of trial and error. Scripted streamlines the hiring process by vetting our writers. Everyone in the network has demonstrated exceptional writing and content marketing skills. You can also view writer profiles to make sure you choose a reliable person who has impressed other clients. Scroll through the writer’s samples to see if they might be the one to capture your brand’s unique voice.

Start browsing the profiles of video script and film writers on Scripted today. You won’t believe how much the quality of your digital video content improves when you hire the right person. Whether you want to give your customers instructions for using a product or create a fun brand personality that will keep visitors coming back to your site regularly, a professional script writer can get the job done.

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