What Are Product Descriptions? | Glossary

Product descriptions tell your potential customers what they can expect when they order an item from your online business or a third-party marketplace. A good product description provides accurate information that helps people choose items that match their needs. When it comes to the best product descriptions, though, you can also count on them to become a part of your content marketing strategy.

You know a lot about your business and the products you sell. That doesn’t mean you should be the person in charge of writing product descriptions. Besides, you probably have more important things to do, such as running your business and developing new ideas. You can save time and get better results by hiring a professional product description writer who knows how to incorporate content optimization into each item.

When companies have professionals optimize their product descriptions, they often benefit from:

  • Increased engagement with customers
  • More conversions, generating more revenue
  • Increased traffic to product sites and marketplaces
  • Heightened brand awareness as more people discover their items
  • A larger email list that helps them stay in contact with customers

Your product descriptions do more than provide straightforward information. They can subtly encourage people to make more purchases from your store. For example, you can increase conversions by hiring product description writers who know how to anticipate buyer pain points and position features as solutions. The best product descriptions can also educate consumers, engage customers by telling stories, and highlight your brand’s personality.

A lot of people can write plain product descriptions. It takes a talented writer to create evocative descriptions that convince people to spend their money. Hire professional product description writers on Scripted to see how better content makes it easier for your company to reach its goals. Each writer on Scripted has a personalized profile, so you can choose one or more freelancers and create a product description writing team for your brand.

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