What Are Internal Links? | Glossary

Internal links play a critical role in search engine optimization (SEO) that many people—including some marketing professionals—don’t fully appreciate. Internal links are also effective at helping people navigate your website and learn more from the content you publish.

An internal link includes any link that connects two pieces of content on your website. For example, you might use your homepage to link to the newest content on your blog. You can also use links to guide readers to in-depth information that can help them better understand a topic.

Some benefits of adding internal links to your content include:

  • Directing readers to products and services
  • Helping people find more information on topics that interest them
  • Encouraging readers to visit more content on your site
  • Sending traffic to older posts
  • Helping search engines crawl your website
  • Helping search engine crawlers identify the most relevant, valuable content on your site

Obviously, you want to take advantage of these benefits. Deciding which internal links to include in your new content isn’t an easy process, though. You won’t get the results you want by linking to any page that seems relevant to your latest blog post. You need a strategic plan that will improve your page rankings and convert more visitors.

Plenty of SEO tools can help you build a successful internal link-building plan. Unfortunately, the best tools usually cost quite a bit of money. Ahrefs, one of the best SEO tools, costs $99 to $999 per month, depending on the features and number of users you want in your membership.

You can get similar results without paying for expensive SEO tools by connecting with SEO professionals on Scripted. When you choose Scripted for your SEO writing and SEO strategies, you gain access to experienced writers who know how to research your site and incorporate the right links into your new content. Plus, you can order a variety of content types, including blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, and website copy.

Don’t waste money on tools that help you choose internal links. Get an entire SEO content strategy that includes internal links that will improve your page ranking and bring more traffic to your website.

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