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Struggling with SEO? Let Scripted's vetted SEO writers power your content writing. A massive 93% of web experiences start with a search engine! But how do you satisfy readers and search engines at the same time? By investing in SEO content writing!

Crunching The Numbers

82% of marketers actively invest in content marketing, but only 69% of marketers invest in SEO.
78% of B2B marketers use keyword research for SEO when creating content, while 73% of B2C marketers use keyword research for SEO.
Smartphone (1)
Nearly two-thirds of global online search originates from mobile devices.
Search (1)
The average No. 1 ranking page on a search engine will also rank in the top 10 for almost 1,000 other relevant keywords.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves improving your website so it ranks higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! It's simple: Investing in SEO drives more people to your web pages from search by making it easier for people to find your site.

Without SEO, the majority of people won't even know about your website — or the products and services you offer — because you'll appear deep down in the search results. The number 1 position on Google generates nearly 30% of all clicks, while the top three results get over 50% of clicks. Therefore, languishing on page 2 or 3 of search — or even at the bottom of page 1 — just won't cut it if you want to increase awareness about your offerings to a global audience of search users.

There are different types of SEO you need to know about including:

On-page SEO

This is the process of improving your web pages for search engines. It includes creating content for pages and blog posts, including relevant keywords in that content, building links for content, writing meta descriptions for search engine results pages, writing alt text for images, and tracking the effectiveness of your content on search pages. Scripted can help you with all of these tasks, letting you focus on other elements of your SEO campaigns!

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the actions that take place away from your website that improve your search engine rankings. Those actions include researching competitors for content ideas, writing compelling social media posts, and developing guest blogs for websites. Again, Scripted does all of this hard work for you, freeing up your time and resources.

Technical SEO

You also need to optimize the technical aspects of your website so it appears higher on search. Technical SEO includes improving web page loading times, creating an SEO-friendly website structure, and submitting a sitemap to Google and other search engines. You should also carry out an SEO audit that identifies strength and weaknesses in your existing SEO strategy so you can fine-tune your campaigns and deliver more explosive results.

Local SEO

Say you're a small business and what to improve your search rankings. Local SEO involves optimizing your site for local search results, helping you dominate your market. That includes creating links with anchor text relevant to local audiences and including local keywords in content. Use Scripted for this!

Mobile SEO

Nearly 60 percent of all web traffic now comes from cell phones, making mobile SEO a critical component of your SEO strategy. Mobile SEO involves making your web pages display correctly on phones and tablets and improving usability and readability for mobile users.

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What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing or (SEO copywriting) is the process of creating content that readers and search engines love! That means writing high-quality and authoritative content that promotes your products and services and optimizing that content for search. This process differs from traditional web content writing, which only focuses on audiences, ignoring SEO completely. That's all very well and good for targeting readers, but those readers won't hear about your offerings if they never come across your site. It's like that famous phrase:

"If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

SEO content writing is rather challenging, especially when search engines like Google regularly change their algorithms. The type of content that improved your rankings a few years ago might no longer achieve the same goal today, so you must invest in writers that understand the latest SEO best practices and search engine content policy updates, like those on Scripted.

Google, for example, recently updated its policies to prioritize helpful website content that directly addresses search users' queries. The best SEO content writers create helpful content that search bots quickly crawl and index, improving your visibility on the world's most-used search engine.

What Scripted's SEO Article Writing Services Can Do For You

Scripted's been creating content for readers and search engines since 2011, making it one of the longest-running SEO writing services on the web. Its talented and experienced writers not only write for your target audience, but search engines like G0ogle, helping you increase your rankings, which drives more people to your pages.

You'll find subject matter experts on Scripted in over 40 different industries, including:

  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Health and wellness

Whatever your industry, Scripted can create content for it and optimize that content for search engines. The result? More visibility on search. Scripted's writing services match you to the most qualified writers for your subject matter and industry, speeding up the content writing process.

So why use Scripted when you can find writers yourself? As a Scripted member, you instantly access a large pool of SEO writers with experience in your industry rather than sourcing those freelancers internally or adding writers to your in-house team. That means no more wasted time finding writers, checking resumes, reviewing writing samples, and completing other labor-intensive jobs. Scripted does all the heavy lifting by connecting you with already-vetted writers ready to create content for your readers and search engines about your chosen topic and in your preferred format. Need a landing page about personal finance? A white paper about injury law? Scripted's SEO content writers have your back.

It's time to access Scripted's talent network! Find the world's best SEO writers now.

SmartMatch Technology

Scripted's SmartMatch technology connects you with an experienced and highly vetted freelance SEO writer in your specific industry immediately.

We categorize our SEO writers by skillset, industry expertise, and level of experience, which lets our SmartMatch system place your business with the most qualified professional for your content creation needs. That means no more posting to job boards, sifting through resumes, reading writing samples, or accepting bids to find a reliable writer who can do the job properly! Scripted takes care of the writing sourcing and vetting process so you get the SEO content you need for digital marketing now. Find a writer that matches your job description and budget in as little as a few minutes!

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Scripted's writing services help you create content that ranks higher on search engines, such as: blog posts, website pages, press releases, social media posts, whitepapers, and product descriptions.

Benefits of Scripted's Writing Services for SEO

Here are some of the advantages of using Scripted for your SEO content writing

Increased Organizational Agility

There are multiple benefits to hiring a freelance SEO writer for your business, not least of which is increased agility. As a Scripted member, you access writers with experience in your industry who quickly create high-quality, authoritative, and credible content about your topic of choice. Just write a quick content brief and let Scripted take care of the rest. You save hours using Scripted's writing services compared to sourcing, interviewing, and vetting freelance writers yourself.

Create Quality Content at Scale

Quality content creation at scale is a challenge for every organization. If your company is growing fast, moving into new sectors, or developing new services, you need content to support that scalability. Hiring freelance writers on the Scripted SEO platform lets you scale up your business and ensure you have all the content needed to grow at lighting-fast speed without draining internal resources.

Boost Visibility and Market Share

Creating credible content for search is along-term investment that involves improving search engine visibility in search, boosting website conversion rates, and taking market share away from competitors. Scripted members use our freelance SEO content writers to connect with a larger audience and enhance market share. With increased market share comes new opportunities for your business and higher sales.

Quick Turnaround

Sometimes you can't wait weeks for high-quality content. Perhaps a major development has occurred in your industry, and you want to share your perspective with your readers. Or maybe you need content to launch an upcoming product. Scripted's SEO writers are ready to create SEO content for your business right now! In some cases, you'll receive content the same day you ordered it. Despite these super-fast turnaround times, Scripted's writers never compromise quality for speed. You get credible content that fulfills your brief and satisfies search engines. That's just one of the reasons why some of the world's largest companies — think Adidas, Adobe, IBM, LinkedIn, L'Oréal, and Ticketmaster — use Scripted for their content writing!

Human Content

It might be tempting to use an AI tool to generate SEO content rather than use human writers like those on Scripted. However, doing so could jeopardize your reputation if search engines penalize spammy automatically-generated content, preventing you from ranking high on search results. AI bots might create content that looks credible at first glance. But look a little deeper, and you'll notice that platforms like ChatGPT are incapable of writing content with human emotions and reasoning, meaning robots will never replace real professional writers or marketing services. Manually editing AI-generated content to make it more 'human-sounding' and to satisfy search engines still requires extensive resources. So it's easier to just hire human writers in the first place!

Credible Content

Scripted's SEO writers will create highly credible and authoritative content that search engines like Google value. Our talented professionals will take your subject matter and write fact-based, well-researched content that reflects your company values and brand voice — something AI robots can't do.

Generate Sales

One of the best things about credible SEO content is that it promotes your products and services to a global audience — or local audience if you focus on local SEO. That can generate more sales and revenue for your business and help you establish an online presence. Depending on your content goals, our writers will include CTAs and subtle references to your offerings in engaging content without sacrificing credibility and authority. That helps your content rank high on search results and drives more people to your product pages, transforming your content marketing strategy. Your journey to content writing success starts right here!

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Still Not Sure Whether You Should Use Scripted for SEO Content?

You might think that using Scripted's SEO writing services means relinquishing control of your content needs to a third-party company, but that's not the case at all. As a valued Scripted member, you're still in charge of your SEO content writing strategy and can choose writers you want to work with and the topics those writers write about. Select the content format you want, the SEO keywords you want to incorporate, content style and tone, and other requirements on Scripted's easy-to-use interface. This content writing company works for you, not the other way around!

On the flip side, you might not have time to think up content ideas for website visitors or select individual writers. That's where Scripted's managed solutions come in! If you like, an account manager can free up your time by handling your content writing strategy while you focus on more important things in your business. If you're not completely satisfied with the content you receive , you can ask writers for multiple revisions and edits, ensuring you get a finished product that's worthy of appearing on your website.

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