What Are External Links? | Glossary

External links include any links that connect pieces of your content with content on other websites. For example, you create an external link in a blog post when you cite research from an authority in your industry. When someone clicks the link, it takes them to the source so they can verify the information.

External links play a critical role in search engine optimization (SEO). Benefiting from the links, however, requires careful planning. In some cases, linking to a page could actually hurt your page’s search engine ranking.

External links fall into two categories: outbound and inbound. When you link to another site, you create an outbound link on your page. When someone links to your content, they create an inbound link for your page.

More often than not, you get a bigger SEO boost from incoming links. Your content looks more valuable to search engines when a lot of websites link to your content. Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of control over your inbound links other than writing guest posts for someone else’s site.

Outbound links don’t improve your SEO as much as inbound links, but they can still improve your page’s ranking. By connecting to high-value, reputable sites, you increase your content’s authority. That encourages search engines to give your page a higher ranking. Linking to a low-value site that has been deemed unreliable, though, could lower your ranking.

Determining the value of external linking is so complicated that companies often spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on tools that help them optimize their SEO strategies. With those tools, you only get the information needed to add the right links to your pages. Your money doesn’t pay for the actual content that you need to rank, increase traffic, and convert visitors.

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