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What Is a Content Strategy?

Content strategy refers to the measures your organization can implement to ensure content on its digital platforms gets generated, revised, and updated consistently to keep your target audience engaged.

Key points about content strategy:

  • Always ensure your content strategy aligns with the organization’s overall objectives.
  • You create content to engage your audience, so your content strategy must address the audience’s needs and pain points.
  • Maintain a consistent tone and style in your content to help build a unique brand identity.

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How should businesses in today’s cutthroat market approach the creation and management of their digital content? This is an all-too-familiar question for digital marketers. Like other digital marketing undertakings, content creation requires a strategy. So, content strategy primarily entails how your organization goes about creating, marketing, and updating content on its social media channels, website, and other digital platforms.

Ask anyone in digital marketing, and you’ll understand the significance of creating content for these digital mediums. Even so, you should keep in mind that your campaign’s success isn’t hinged on the content you create and post but the strategy behind it. Content strategy is the pivot on which your campaign hinges.

Why Content Strategy is Critical in Digital Marketing

Why do I need a content strategy? Isn’t it just another unnecessary undertaking I can do without? These are some of the questions digital marketing teams ask. Well, we can’t begrudge them because, at first glance, content strategy sounds just like another fancy activity. However, its significance cannot be understated, especially in today’s content-obsessed marketplace, where you need to engage your audience constantly.

Your content strategy ties all aspects of your digital marketing campaign. In its absence, you will keep shifting from one digital marketing to another with little success. Content strategy eliminates the silos that hamper your digital marketing campaigns.

Getting Started With Your Content Strategy

Now that you know what content strategy is, you will wonder how to go about it. That is particularly true if it"s all new to you. Indeed, content strategy is a technical jargon, but implementing it isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is consider what your audience needs and what your organization wants to achieve in its engagement with the target audience. Also, you must remember that your organization needs a unique content strategy tailored to its needs. Developing a content strategy entails the following:

Content Creation
Good content is the primary determinant of your digital marketing effort’s success. You must ensure it aligns with the organization’s broad marketing vision and audience’s needs. Remember, your content won’t sell if it’s unrelated to your brand image. Understanding your core audience can help you craft content that addresses its needs. Besides, it’s vital to ensure the content you create gets posted on the appropriate channels.

Content Presentation
Now that we’ve touched on publishing your content on the right platform, it’s only fair that we also highlight the issue of content presentation. As the term implies, this is all about how you feed the content to your audience. Your content will bear the desired outcomes if presented in a way that resonates with the target audience and your overall marketing strategy. Ensure all aspects of your content, including images, videos, and other multimedia, blend seamlessly to inform, engage, and entertain the target audience.

Another aspect of content strategy is publishing the content. Before pressing the “post” button, find answers to these questions:

  • What is my content publishing schedule?
  • Does my content strategy help me keep up with the program?
  • Where will I publish my content?

Answering these questions will provide a clear picture of how, where, and when to publish your content, besides enabling you to adhere to your publishing schedule.

Audience Engagement
Publishing content isn’t the end of the road. A good content strategy entails acknowledging feedback and engaging the target audience. The conversations with your audience are excellent in keeping them returning to soak in more of your content.

How to Create a Content Strategy

Before creating a content strategy, you should ask yourself what to include. Think of the content strategy as a detailed plan of using your content to address your audience. Indeed, there is no definitive template for creating a content strategy. Nevertheless, these tips can get you going:

Outline Your Goals
Your content strategy should be based on the organization’s goals. These goals serve as the guiding light when creating content. Thus, ensure the two get aligned.

Prioritize the Goals
After outlining your goals, list them according to importance. In doing so, you’ll know what you want to achieve on a short-term and long-term basis through your content. Also, prioritizing your goals enables you to allocate resources accordingly.

Research Your Audience

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You create your content with the target audience in mind. As the consumers of your content, they determine how it will perform besides being the ones who take the desired action. Therefore, you should research your audience before embarking on content creation.

How Scripted Can Help with Your Content Strategy

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