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The Ultimate List to Outsourcing Your Content

Looking to outsource video, graphic design as well as content writing? These freelance marketplaces are the best in their industry.

Great content should look easy; it should explain exciting ideas simply. However, regularly producing polished, easy-on-the-eyes content that drives clicks and conversions takes a massive amount of effort and expertise. Fortunately, every passing day brings more options for content-curious marketers to leave the hardest parts for professional freelancers. The following are the best platforms to find writers, graphic designers, videographers and content analytics expertise, to turn your great ideas into great content.

Hiring Writers

In addition to crafting blog posts, social media posts, white papers, ebooks and other usual suspects, writers also provide crucial support for all types of content, including video scripts and infographic copy.

What to look for:

Content Writing Services

Textbroker: This services brands itself as an international writer marketplace. Browse through profiles of thousands of writers based on their level of writing experience — represented by a star rating — and industry of expertise. Writers produce content ranging from articles to brochures.

Scripted: Ideal for new content creators, Scripted offers a large pool of freelance writers with expertise in various industries and subjects. Users can order blog posts — both brief and long form — white pages, social media posts, video scripts and website copy. Scripted also offers users topic pitches from freelance writers, perfect for those who want content but don’t know where to start

Contently: Relies on a pool of trained journalists to write content brand publishing. Also offers an editorial planning and performance analytics.

Writer Access: Offering a tiered writing service similar to Textbroker, Writer Access allows users to place orders for content through a pool of freelance writers with individual profiles. Writer Access determines which writers are available based on your brand’s content needs.

Make Your Content Graphic

Graphic designers work behind the scenes to present your content in the most attractive and memorable light.

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What to look for:

Freelance Web Design Marketplaces

99 Designs: Similarly structured to content writing services, users pay a base fee for a predetermined amount of designs. Order anything from logos, landing pages, t-shirts or book covers from multi-level tiers of designers.

DesignCrowd: Billing itself as an online marketplace for design services, users on DesignCrowd post a job summary and select their favorite proposals from among the company’s claimed 430,159 freelancers. They offer a similarly dizzying array of formats, in both web and print design.

Fiverr: This freelance service platform’s named comes from its base pricing structure: $5 per item. Users browse by selecting their desired format — whether it’s illustrations, logo design or web design — and browse through services posted by the site’s freelance designers.

Hubstaff Talent: Sometimes you want a designer, and not just a single design. Hubstaff talent  is a great tool for finding remote freelance workers in a huge variety of industries. We found them to be particularly useful for finding graphic designers, but you could just as easily find a python programmer or an architect.

Make Your Content Pop With Video

No content creation strategy is complete without video. Whether you’re creating GIFs for Vine or Tumblr, developing video content for your YouTube channel or creating how-to videos for your products, professionally produced video will give you a distinct competitive advantage.

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What to look for: 

Freelance Video Content Marketplaces


This online videographer marketplace operates like many others on this list: post your needs and professional freelancers — photographers and videographers — bid to complete that job. SmartShoot also offers tools to communicate with your freelancers throughout the content creation process.


Videopixie’s platform goes a long way to help users order their ideal video from understandable templates. Users first choose between freelancers based on their skill, whether it’s directing, animation, editing or full production, then choose between different popular video formats, like Kickstarter videos, testimonials, product demonstrations and commercials. Once a format is selected, users are presented with an array of sample videos to determine tone and format, like live action, screen capture and animation.


Similar to VideoPixie, users on Veedme post guidelines for a video and choose between proposals from professional freelance videographers. VeedMe distinguishes itself through a detailed job creation form, which asks users to choose video formats, style, mood, location and asks them to describe their audience’s makeup and their business’s purpose.

Get Your Content Analyzed for You

Content performance analytics requires a level of insight often unrelated to skills necessary for content creation. This is why it’s best to look for analytics software that not only measures the right analytics, but clearly explains their meaning to users. Content analysis should show you when content works and when it fails.

What to look for:

Content Analytics


This platform allows users to measure social media and blog content through analytical tools. SimpleReach’s flagship feature is predictive analysis, which scores content based on its predicted performance across various digital channels. SimpleReach is also built for promotion, hosting a significant distribution network, which allows marketers to easily promote and publish their content.


Designed to easily track and measure SEO, Moz offers tools to maximize your impact in search engines. That includes keyword rankings, search traffic, inbound links, social media shares, crawl diagnostics, optimization recommendations and competitor tracking.


This analytics service provides one simple and intuitive product: see where users are clicking with easy-to-read heatmaps. CrazyEgg is ideal for newbies in analytics, visual learners and those looking to redesign their blog.

You can’t keep up with content creation alone. Focus your energy on the bigger picture of content strategy and put together a dream team of freelancers to create content for you.

Do you outsource content creation for your business? What have you learned – both good and bad – from your experiences? Leave your comments below.

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