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Lessons From Jon Miller, Content Marketing Master [LiveChat Recap]

At the 2016 CMI ContentTech Conference, Scripted hosted an exclusive chat with Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, entrepreneur, and all around Content Marketing Master.

Over the course of the 30 minute discussion, attendees raised a host of pressing questions around content marketing, including:

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Q: How Can I Create Consistent, Scalable Content?

A: When it comes to creating content, don’t be limited by a small marketing team or budget. Instead, enlist your company’s best asset: its employees.

At Marketo, we created a contest to get each employee to contribute posts. When they did, they earned prizes. The content marketer’s job wasn’t writing the content, it was editing.

Q: How can I find writers for my niche topics?

A: Either find great blogs to partner with & guest blog, or outsource some of your content needs to vetted writers on a platform like Scripted.

Q: How do you increase social shares?

A: One easy way to boost social shares overnight is to look to your internal team to share your content. I’ve used various tools that help automate employees sharing on social. GaggleAmp, SocialChorus, EveryoneSocial, etc.

Share information that is interesting, relevant, or entertaining to target buyers. Don’t write about how your cheese tastes, share delicious recipes for grilled cheese.

Q: How should folks be measuring their content marketing efforts? Any tools you recommend beyond Google Analytics?

A: For measurement, I also look at inbound links with my SEO software for top of funnel content. I use Engagio’s own product to match content views to the IP addresses of my target accounts, so I know which content resonates with named targets. For middle and bottom of funnel, I look at lead generation, conversion to pipeline. And for late stage content, don’t forget to look at simple sales usage — what content are they sending to prospects and customers?

Q: What are the biggest ways you see content marketing changing in 2016?

A: In 2016, I think more companies will spend energy not just on content creation, but content distribution: how do you make sure the RIGHT people actually see and ready your content? It’s meaningless to create it if nobody will see it. To prepare, the foundation is good personas… who is your audience, what do they resonate with, and where do they go to learn?

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