The Little Ol’ List of Giant Content Marketing Resources

Thankfully for writers like us and for the preservation of the english language, the job of content writer has gradually become a lot more about writing over the last five years. There was a time when a 300 word post, mostly stuffed with internal links and endless repetition of one key phrase, constituted a “blog” for an online business. Nowadays, content companies preach the benefits of the “hub and spoke model” or the “barbell strategy“, but all that really means is no one is going to read a trashy, cheapo blog post anymore. They want serious meat on the other side of that link if they’re going to give up their valuable time to click it.

These are our favorite megaposts, ebooks, and compilations to learn content marketing. Be warned, the full collection is longer than the first Harry Potter Book.


Content Marketing Handbook – Priceonomics

Priceonomics takes the cake for the longest blog post I’ve ever seen at over 30,000 words. There’s no images, partly because adding enough to make a difference would crash your browser, but there’s a ton of useful info to learn content marketing.

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Content Marketing Stack

Maybe this is cheating, but it doesn’t make sense to crawl through the internet to gather just about every relevant link and tool, because this content marketing stack already did it.
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The Ebook Ebook – Jonathan Kranz

If you’re interested in making your own megapost, this free resource is the place to go. Learn the keys to finding a subject that you can fill 90 pages of material with and how to organize a post of that size.

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Scripted UniversityScripted

Is this one of our large resources for learning digital marketing? Yes. Do we feel bad including it here? No. Scripted University combines the insights of every content manager, writer, and curator who’s ever worked at Scripted, and we’re proud to share that collected knowledge with the world.

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Advanced Guide to Content Marketing – Quicksprout

This comprehensive guide from Neil Patel and Kathryn Aragon of Quicksprout is another broad overview of a bunch of topics in the world of content marketing. It’s spread across 10 chapters, but also has an easy-to-download PDF, making it perfect for ebook reading on the go.

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Whiteboard Friday – Moz

Even though Moz’s legendary video series is composed of videos that are just a few minutes long, it qualifies for this list because of the absurd number he’s made. Moz has been publishing these videos weekly since 2008 on hundreds of topics ranging from content marketing to technical SEO. Disappear down the rabbit hole of what is definitely the most comprehensive video series in the digital marketing world.

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Content Marketing Guide – Marketo

Ready for another reading assignment? Good, because Marketo has a 110-page guide ready for you. This one specializes in practices and procedures to maximize your efficiency, like marketing personas and editorial calendars.

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The Story of Content – Content Marketing Institute

Time to rest your eyes. In the closest thing that anyone’s ever made to a feature film about content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute analyzes the rise of the concept of content as a marketing resource, and interviews companies around the world who are using it to great effect. You might be saying “Who ever asked for a feature film about content marketing?” but trust us when we say it’s worth a watch.

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Beginner’s Guide to Social Media – Moz

Oh hey, Moz, great to see you again. Not only is this SEO company great at providing advice for improving your technical SEO, they also made this LONG guide to the basics of social media marketing. To get an intro to the subject that doesn’t talk down to you or oversimplify social media, this is worth a read.

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29 Secrets for Content Marketing – TopRank Online Marketing

TopRank’s 40-page PDF has quite a few decent tips and insights for content marketers, but the real value here is getting a great list of power players in the industry. Make a twitter list out of these folks and you’ll get enough reading material for a lifetime.

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Hopefully we gave you enough reading to help you learn content marketing, or at least to get started. To find more, make sure to check out Scripted’s blog!