Closing the loop: Scripted Analytics and the ROI of Content Marketing


Marketing has been around for a long time. There’s evidence of commercial and political campaigns etched into the ruins of Pompeii (and probably examples even older than that!). But performance marketing is a fairly recent phenomenon. The premise is simple: For every dollar you spend on marketing, you should get at least a dollar back. For the romantics who idolize Don Draper, this may sound like heresy. How can you quantify the value of making an impression? But in the internet era, every impression can be tracked, and the Sterling Cooper sleight of hand looks more like deceptive hand waving under the cold, hard light of analytics and data.

Content marketing, when executed effectively, holds up under quantitative scrutiny, allowing businesses to see what’s working, figure out what isn’t, and adjust accordingly. The problem is, sifting through data about how your content is performing takes time.

Introducing Scripted Analytics

With that in mind, we asked ourselves: how can we make it easy for marketing managers to demonstrate the ROI of their content marketing efforts? Sure, you could point to case studies, but how are you going to prove to your boss that it works for your business?

So we created Scripted Analytics, a robust reporting platform that’s differentiated by its ease of use and affordability for small businesses.

Scripted Analytics helps marketing managers answer 3 straightforward questions:

  • Which blog posts are working?
  • Which blog posts aren’t?
  • Why?

Scripted Analytics

Actionable insights in one Click

Beyond affordability and simplicity, what truly separates Scripted Analytics from other analytics platforms is that it’s actionable in one click. Not only can you check out which topics are performing best on your blog, the platform also surfaces optimal blog post ideas pitched by our writers, which you can turn into full posts with a single click. Feeding insights from analytics into the editorial planning process has never been so easy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 3.17.15 PM

(Please excuse the incredibly meta nature of this screenshot: this is the Scripted internal team’s Scripted Analytics account which we use to measure the ROI of our Content Marketing about the ROI of Content Marketing.)

With the launch of Scripted Analytics, we’ve closed the loop on content marketing, becoming the only full-stack content marketing solution for small businesses and agencies. From editorial planning, to writing, to revision workflow, to freelancer vetting and payment, to actionable data that informs the next iteration of editorial planning, Scripted makes the entire loop seamless for marketing managers.

Check out the solution at and let us know what you think!