Creating Optimal Content for Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising – attracting potential leads through publishing relevant and engaging content. The best inbound marketers know what content to publish and when to publish it.

According to research conducted by HubSpot, 93 percent of companies using inbound marketing increased their leads, with 56 percent increasing their leads by at least 50 percent.  Another interesting statistic they discovered is that 42 percent increased their lead-to-sales conversion rate.

This article will discuss how to increase your high quality inbound leads by implementing some of the following practices.

Engaging Content

If done the right way, high quality content can be very useful for lead generation.  When creating content, keep these principals in mind:  be yourself, be engaging, be relevant, and be consistent.

  • Posts shouldn’t be all about you!  If you consistently write about your brand and products, your readers will quickly tune out.
  • Write blog posts that demonstrate your understanding of a customer’s pain point, and offer a solution. That solution may not necessarily be using your products or services.
  • Provide valuable information that is specific to your industry.  Setting yourself up as an expert in your field will increase visits to your site, thus increasing opportunities to nurture prospective customers.
  • Include keywords in your content that are relevant to your specialty.  These keywords should also be included in your social media biographies.  Google Keyword Planner is a great way to find popular keywords that potential prospects may use when searching the web.  You will need to create an AdWords account to use this tool.
  • Offer free resources in your blogs, such as an ebook, research paper, or a free trial period for your product or service.
  • Create a video with valuable content and upload it to slideshare.  Include a link to the video in your blog post.

Promote Your Blogs

Share your blog posts on social media to increase lead generation and encourage your readers to share your articles.

  • Include a call-to-action that allows your readers to share a link to your blog by adding a social sharing button.
  • Tweet a link to your blog post.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with a link to your latest post.
  • Share your post on your company Facebook.
  • If your products are visual, consider Pinterest, especially if your customers are female.

A well-structured marketing campaign is an absolute must if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition and increase sales.  Stay informed about leading marketing strategies by subscribing to an RSS feed on this subject or attending webinars. The marketing landscape has entered into an innovative time, so enjoy the available tools and have some fun with your campaign.