Interesting Content Marketing Stats on Why You Need a Content Team

Content marketing can help your brand achieve a variety of goals, but it can’t be done without a team behind it. Here’s why. 

In order to execute a successful content marketing strategy, you need to have a team to lead it. This is because it takes quality content, resources, testing and consistency to get to a place where a marketing team can see the impact. When lacking a proper strategy, content marketing is more detrimental to your business. Eighty-six percent of B2B marketers surveyed for Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmark report are using content marketing, but only 47 percent of them have a dedicated team. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these marketers claim their biggest challenges are “producing engaging content,” “producing content consistently” and “measuring content effectiveness.” See the correlation there?

If you’re lacking a dedicated content marketing team, many problems and challenges are bound to happen — keeping your business from thriving off your content efforts. Here are more stats about content marketing and why having at least one person dedicated to content is worth it.

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What is a Content Team?

A content marketing team is a person or group of people who oversee and execute a content strategy for your business. It doesn’t require multiple people and resources — the structure of it depends on your company’s size and goals. Primarily, this person or group of people should be responsible for:

content marketing team defined


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