The Perfect Blog Post

This is a perfect blog post. It accomplishes three goals for my website or company. First, it ranks well for a targeted keyword which will bring organic traffic to my website or blog. Second, good performance on that particular keyword gives my entire website more domain authority which helps my homepage rank higher for a variety of searches. Third, it charms and engages my readers enough to encourage them to share on social media which is earning me referral traffic and increased brand recognition.

But why is this a perfect blog? Having written an introduction that lays out an overview of my major points, I’ll go into each point in greater detail to form the body of my article.

perfect blog post
I’m using this light hearted and fun image from to make my blog visually interesting without spending money.

Clever Subhead Referring to Organic Traffic

Because the first point I raised in my introduction claimed that this perfect blog post will help me to bring in organic traffic, I’m explaining in greater detail why that’s so in this first of three body sections.

I’m pointing out how organic traffic is important to creating a sustainable source of visitors and customers. I’m also pointing out that organic traffic comes primarily from users finding my website when they search for certain keywords.

When I used research tools like SEMRush and Moz prior to writing my perfect blog post, I found that more people search for “perfect blog post” than “excellent blog post” or “cool blog” and that competition for this keyword isn’t overwhelming.

This is good evidence that I’ll be able to rank well on search engines like Google and Bing for the keyword “perfect blog post” and, because our blog seeks to draw the attention of people looking to improve the quality of their blogs, the audience drawn in by this post includes many of our target users.

I’m making sure that my perfect blog post performs well for this keyword by using it regularly in the title, subhead, and body of my blog.

Subhead About Domain Rank

Because the second point I raised in my introduction pointed out that strong performance of individual pages for relevant keywords increases my overall domain rank, I’m using the second body paragraph of my explain how creating well performing pages also improves the SEO performance of your full site.

I want to justify my claim without explaining all the tenets of basic SEO, and I also want to use this opportunity to link out to another popular site, so I’ll encourage readers to click this link to (another site) to find a more in-depth explanation.

To flesh out this section and make my perfect blog post more visually interesting, I’m including a relevant infographic.

perfect blog post

I’m asking if readers are interested in learning more about how domain rank works so that I can link to another of our articles about the importance of evergreen traffic, which is providing them with more useful information and is strengthening my internal linking network.

Subhead about Social Sharing for a Perfect Blog Post

My perfect blog post will gather a trickle of organic traffic over time but it is also creating a spike of referral traffic in the short term because you, the reader, have found it entertaining and will share it on a variety of social media channels.

I’m using a unique writing style to express useful, relevant information with attractive visuals. I’m even adding share buttons to the top and bottom of this article to encourage readers to use them.

Those shares are bringing in people who haven’t heard of my brand before and they’ll get the sense from my perfect blog post that I’m an industry authority, and that my brand is worth checking out further. They’re either clicking here when prompted to learn more about my company and its services or making a mental note to check it out later. Even if they forget, they’ll remember me next time they see an ad or article from my company, and will be more likely to click.

perfect blog post
I need an image to separate the final body section from the conclusion.


In this perfect blog post, I explained the ways that this post will help my company by driving organic traffic, improving my site wide SEO performance, and bring in referral traffic. I told you that I would tell you that in the first paragraph, then I told it to you in the second paragraph, and now I’m telling you that I told you in the concluding paragraph. I’m closing this paragraph by encouraging you to reap these benefits yourself by exploring content marketing and the ways it can help your company.

Because some of you are now interested in learning more, I’m closing the article with a call to action to encourage you to take Scripted’s content marketing quiz to begin developing a strategy, thereby efficiently directing traffic to our most efficient top-of-funnel channel.