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Email Marketing

How to Send an Email that Doesn’t Sound Like Spam

We send and receive many – maybe too many – emails every day. With all this practice, one would hope that the ability to write a coherent and compelling email is fairly common. Sadly, this isn’t so, as evidenced by all the spam-like junk that lands in our inboxes on a regular basis. In order […]

What I’ve Learned about Internet Marketing

We’ve come along away since Scripted launched about a year ago. We have funding, interns, and more than one full-time engineer. All three of these are major milestones in the growth of a startup. We’re now entering a new pubescent stage in our growth. There are growth spurts in our revenue and physical changes like […]

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Email Marketing: Is it Really Effective?

Here’s my disclaimer: In the early days of starting a company, you have to be scrappy. I’m not going to apologize for it. It’s kill or be killed, and so long as no one is hurt, I think it’s fine to do just about whatever it takes to help your startup survive. For us, it […]

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