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Content Strategy

Don’t Lose Trust with Misleading Headlines

As someone who subscribes to almost every content marketing twitter handle, newsletter list, and blog, I often see similar-sounding titles and claims being shared.  With so many articles being published more and more frequently it’s often hard to find quality posts.  Promoting your content is like fishing: You need to attract people to your content […]

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Inspiration from Content Experts

Scripted.com and Disqus hosted a panel discussion on Practical Applications of Content Marketing last Thursday.  With content marketers in attendance from all over the Bay Area, appetizers, and plenty of beer/wine, the event was an excellent opportunity for discussing content marketing strategies and trends. Here’s what was discussed: Luca Penati (Ogilvy) On the importance of having […]

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Personalizing your Marketing Content: The Why and How

Already, many large e-commerce sites use some form of personalization in their marketing strategy. We’ve become so accustomed to sites such as Amazon and Netflix serving up suggestions for us that we almost don’t realize the page we see is different from the page our friend, brother or daughter sees, even when we all search […]

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Using the Consumer’s Desires to Your Businesses Advantage

When it comes to marketing to an audience that is constantly on the go and always connected through technology, the need for companies to be able to reach their target consumer in a way that cuts through the noise has never been more important. But, what is the best way to reach these targets and […]

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Website Mistakes that Drive Customers Away

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of finding a perfect product on a not-so-perfect website. After a closer look, we decide we don’t really trust the seller, and move on to another site. If this was your website the customer abandoned, there are some simple changes you can make to stop that customer from leaving […]

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Optimize Your Business, Not Just Your Search Ranking

As the media landscape becomes increasingly competitive, businesses are being driven to adopt new practices to inform the public about the value of their products and services. Content marketing focuses on the creation of quality content that engages with your target demographic, and is an important tool that allows your business to be heard above […]

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