Writing For The Web: The Best Blog Post Templates for SEO (Free & Paid)

blog post templates

As content marketers, writing unique and compelling content that brings our readers genuine value is the greatest challenge we face. And that challenge is made more difficult if we have to start from scratch with every blog post. The dreaded blank page and its dastardly friend the blinking cursor. A reliable blog post template can … Read more

Tulip Day: The History and Importance of Nature’s Best Marketer

Tulip Day

Every year spring brings the promise of new life with buds and blooms aplenty, and May 13th holds a special place in the hearts of flower enthusiasts as Tulip Day.So what makes the tulip different from any other flower?

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Content Marketing: Why Are My Social Shares Dropping?

social media shares dropping

Generating social media buzz is an important part of your content marketing strategy. After all, what good is your content if only a handful of people ever see it? But keeping that buzz going can be difficult. If you’ve noticed your number of social shares dropping, you’re not alone. Here’s why it’s happening and what … Read more

5 Tips for Executing Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy notebook

You’ve created a comprehensive content marketing strategy with all the bells and whistles from defined objectives to knowing the distribution channels you plan to use. But you still need to ensure that you and your team stay on task while executing your content marketing strategy with consistency, then you have to put in the work. … Read more

Inbound Marketing: Mapping Your Value Journey Canvas

The inbound marketing methodology is certainly helpful, and it’s a resource to turn to again and again to understand the most basic steps to use working to turn a stranger into a customer and a promoter. However, the inbound marketing methodology is a pretty broad overview of the entire process – and it doesn’t go … Read more

Inbound Marketing Methodology and Process

While inbound marketing is an essential marketing strategy for many companies today, the term (and general marketing philosophy) didn’t actually appear until 2005. That was when HubSpot founder Brian Halligan, along with his partner, Dharmesh Shah, and advisor, David Meerman Scott, decided to found HubSpot and focus their efforts on a new, digitally driven marketing … Read more

What Does Quality Content Mean?

quality content writing

As marketers, we throw around the term “quality content” a lot, but what does that actually mean? Is “quality content” content with a college degree? Is it only the material written by professional writers? Is all quality content 4,000 words long and full of industry jargon? Luckily, the answer might be simpler than you’d imagine. … Read more

Planning Your 2018 Content


Your content marketing strategy’s success for 2018 depends on the types of content you create and how you reach your audience. As long as you pay attention to emerging trends, you should find success in reaching your goals over the course of the year. Start by giving attention to these four opportunities for growth. Publish … Read more

Creating a Content Marketing Routine

Most successful people around the world credit persistence and their daily morning routines for their success. Very often, though, we can get hung up on the end goal, which can distract us from doing things that can get us there. These principles apply to content marketing, too. It’s easy to focus on the traffic volumes … Read more

When is Paid Promotion Right For Content?

paid content promotion

Bloggers and content marketers often rely on engaging articles, infographics and other types of content to attract audiences. Ideally, people like the content so much that they share it with their friends, family members, and co-workers. In some cases, though, you have to do more than introduce brilliant content to the Internet. You may have … Read more

Finding Your Voice: What Makes Your Content Unique?

unique umbrella

Before you can put out compelling content, you have to streamline your content marketing strategy and establish your brand’s voice. It’s important to establish your voice because your content marketing strategy overlaps your voice with your vision and goals. It also helps them to identify your brand across various channels. But just how do you … Read more