How to Create Search-friendly Content at Scale [Slideshare]

At the Search Engine Marketing Expo West (SMX West) 2016, attendees learned everything the modern marketer needs to know about ranking high in search. Sponsors included Google & Twitter, and sessions covered the spectrum from how to let Google Analytics and Adwords work for you, to creating JavaScript to automate your Adwords campaigns.

Scripted co-founder Ryan Buckley gave a brief presentation on how to take your learnings from the expo and put them into action; i.e. how to create search-friendly content at scale.

The content marketing presentation covers:

  • How to define content marketing
  • What are the biggest challenges of creating content
  • How to solve these issues through:
    • Outsourcing some of your content
    • Repurposing content

See the slides and key takeaways here:

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