Cambro: Scripted Allowed Us to Double Our Content

Find out how one SMB doubled their content output without doubling their headcount.

Meet Felix Bazgan

As the Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Cambro, I head up the overall Digital Marketing efforts for the entire company. I am also responsible for leading a marketing team that manages non-commercial (Healthcare, Schools K-12, Colleges and Universities, Military) product marketing.

With Scripted, We Doubled Our Content Output

Prior to using Scripted we relied heavily on in-house marketing teams to create content. We’re into our second year working with Scripted, and over those two years we’ve increased our content capabilities greatly – easily doubled the content and ideas in the last year.

Scripted is an Extension of Our Team

We use Scripted as an extension of our team and use the various services Scripted provides to supplement our research. Just getting a different perspective on an issue can help jumpstart an idea.

The biggest benefit of Scripted is having access to a whole group of writers who offer a different perspective that makes our topics and ideas much greater in writing.

Our Blog Metrics Have Performed Well

Our metric is traffic to our blog – that’s our main content hub – and it’s done very well.

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