Skills Common to Creative and Content Writers

Creative writers and content writers have more in common than you think.

Are you a creative writer, a content writer, or both? Though the forms are distinct, they have more in common than you might think. Creative writers are known for writing fiction, poetry, essays and creative non-fiction, while content writers are known for supplying clients with the articles, blog posts, and other written materials necessary for businesses. Here’s what they have in common.

Skills Common to Creative and Content Writers


Why you need it: Whether you are writing a romantic thriller that takes place in 19th-century Russia or an article about how search engine marketing drives traffic, a writer needs to know how to do research. Research adds credibility to whatever you are writing. By creating a realistic portrait of your topic, you can educate your readers using both creative and content writing.


Why you need it: Stories are essential for creative writing. You need interesting characters with serious problems. The same can be said for content writing. The subject is the character — be it environmental issues or promoting a new widget. The goal is to sell more, find more buyers, educate leads, and so on. In content writing, there are obstacles for any topic you write about. Obstacles can include a dying market or stiff competition or a new Google algorithm. With both content and creative writing you want to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Descriptive Words

Why you need it: Good writing needs descriptive words that focus on the five senses. By using phrases the evoke emotions, a reader has a more profound reading experience. A good content writer also uses concrete words such as action verbs and figurative language such as metaphors and similes.


Why you need it: Creative writers who want to transition to content writing can start with freelance marketplaces such as These marketplaces allow you to write on topics that interest you, which in turn helps you create articles or blog posts using your creative writing skills. Some marketplaces even offer paid opportunities for creative writing. These are the perfect places for both creative and content writers.

Many writers today do both creative and content writing as a way to earn a full-time living. Fortunately, the skills to do both are often the same so it’s not difficult for writers to work in both forms. As long as you acquire the necessary skill set, you’ll vastly increase your writing opportunities.

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