How Content Writing Services Are Helping Freelance Writers

Content writing services are helping writers flourish in a tough economy. 

Many people are turning to freelance writing as a way to earn a living. Freelance writing as a career is made more attractive by the increasing availability of content writing services offering freelance work. These companies help writers maintain flexible schedules and work from home (or a favorite coffee shop), affording them the freedom to pursue their passions while still making ends meet. By supplementing your current talents and practices with content writing services, you can make your freelancing enterprise even more successful.

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Traditional freelancing definitely has its adherents, but many freelance writers are turning to content writing services in addition to pursuing avenues that have worked in the past. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, content writing services are platforms that connect writers with businesses who are looking for written content. These types of services offer several advantages, both for writers and for business that need content.

One plus for writers is that these platforms eliminate the need to constantly send query letters, invoice clients, and manage other “back-of-house” tasks that they otherwise would have to do on their own, allowing more time for writing. Writers benefit from the organizational aspects of content writing services; rather than having to rely on external software or apps to organize their current projects, they have current jobs organized in one place.

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Additionally, content writing services are great for new writers who haven’t yet built robust portfolios. Though some services require published clips as part of the application process, many don’t, relying instead on the quality of submitted samples.

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Finally, many content writing services offer more experienced writers other ways to earn money, such as editing other writers’ submissions or reviewing writer applications. These marketplaces are changing the way many freelance writers run their businesses. In fact, many writers are making enough money that they’re able to work exclusively for one service and still have plenty of time to work on other projects.

In short, content writing services help writers focus on what they do best — writing quality content for clients. Working with these platforms can greatly increase your efficiency and effectiveness as a freelancer, while also allowing you to maintain a flexible schedule.

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