Yoga Etiquette: What Athletic Wear Options Exist for Men Into Mindfulness?

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What sort of athletic wear exists for men interested in Yoga?

Approximately 72 percent of Yoga participants are women. Partially because of this divide, Yoga pants are a much more established clothing trend for women than men. This leaves many Yoga-curious men to ponder: Should I wear Yoga pants — like everyone else in class — or is there something less, well, tight available? Don’t despair; men actually have it pretty easy when it comes to yoga wear. You likely have the solution sitting in your drawer or closet.

Comb Through Your Closet

You probably don’t need to run out and buy new clothes for a yoga class. Look through your clothes for shorts or pants that may work. Pants should be fitted in the waist with elastic or a drawstring and should be loose enough to allow for a lot of mobility without being baggy. Shorts should follow the same criteria — the shorter the better. Rugby shorts are a great length for yoga. A well-fitting t-shirt is all you need up top.

Invest in Yoga Pants or Shorts

The most common style of mens' yoga pants is a lightweight, drawstring pant with a loose fitting leg. You can find mens' yoga pants in a straight leg or tapered leg. The advantage to a tapered leg, although not as stylish, is it won’t slide up to your thigh during inverted poses. For a beginner class, the straight leg will be fine. If you prefer shorts you can find similar styles in shorts with lightweight fabric and a drawstring waist. Most of which are run longer. Pant styles can range from less expensive pairs that look like pajamas to nicer pants that work outside the studio as well. Be Present and prAna both make pants with the stretch and moisture wicking needed for a quality yoga practice — in stylish designs.

Be Comfortable Underneath

Being comfortable is important for getting the most from a yoga class. You want to focus on your posture and alignment, not feel self-conscious about your clothing Make sure you don’t forget what goes underneath your bottoms. A lot of yoga pants tend to be thin and shorts tend to slide up during certain poses. A pair of compression shorts or biker shorts go a long way. Once you’ve got your clothes picked out, you’re all ready to achieve your Zen.

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