Vapers Only: Which E-Juice Is Best?

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Which E-Juice is the best? This question, believe it or not, requires more than a simple "this one" or "that one" answer. The "best" E-Juice is dependent upon a whole host of factors. For instance, are you looking to vape stealthily, with minimal vapor production? Do you want to vape boisterously, blowing big clouds with each hit? Maybe you have a certain taste that you're going for or an optimal nicotine level that you want to experience? Whatever the case, you have to understand the variables to get a feel for which E-Juice will be appropriate for the situation.

How To Judge E-Juice

By and large, there are three factors that give an E-Juice its essence: base fluid (PG vs. VG), nicotine level, and flavoring.

Base Fluid

This is a reference to the liquid that makes up a majority of the E-Juice. Most juices are some combination of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. The ratio of PG to VG fluid grants the finished product different attributes in terms of vapor production and "throat hit." Generally speaking, a higher VG content will result in larger, smoother vapor clouds. A higher PG content will give you smaller, discreet clouds and a sensation akin to smoking a cigarette. Since VG liquids are thicker, they require more power to burn and will wear atomizers out faster.

Nicotine Level

The amount of diluted nicotine in the mix affects the stimulating sensation one derives from vaping. Most E-Juices have concentration levels ranging from 0mg-9mg. Higher nicotine levels—12mg and above—are more potent. They can create a harsher sensation when vaping, and a stronger hit once the nicotine begins to take effect. For individuals accustomed to smoking, this is one of the primary selling points of higher nicotine concentrations.


One of vaping's greatest selling points is the vast selection of flavors. It's a matter of personal taste, with flavor families ranging from citrus fruits to mint candies and sweet pastries. This factor can make or break one's perception of the juice and is often what people are making a judgment off of when they talk about the "best" E-Juice variety. Some juice makers specialize in a specific flavor type; others run the gamut. The most successful ones use quality ingredients to create their flavors, resulting in authentic, powerful tastes that are a hit with large swaths of the vape community.

Choosing The Best E-Juice

Once you know how different attributes will manifest themselves, it's a matter of finding the juice that meets your requirements. You may find that there's a specific flavor group that you enjoy, a certain brand that you trust, or some other factor that draws you to one E-Juice over another. A great way to get started is browsing with a well-respected dealer that stocks a wide variety. They usually have a good sense of which brands are fan favorites, and which are less of a hit.

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