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Dwight H
Dwight Hill
Richmond, Virginia, United States
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Dwight H. is an experienced freelancer writer with a diverse creative background that includes visual arts, photography, graphic design, and music. After years working as a graphic designer and printing specialist, he transitioned to writing on a full-time basis. He is currently a regular author for several websites in the technology, entertainment, and culture fields. He also works as a contributor-for-hire for various blogs and businesses.

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When people hear the word "bot," it almost immediately conjures up negative imagery of some of the worst that the internet has to offer. Anonymous accounts trolling through Twitter, "retweeting" and "favoriting" as part of a (p...

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It's time to rethink your approach to doing posters. If you take a look at a few of the current trends in poster design, you're likely to see a lot of photography, simple typography, vector art, and flat graphics. This may be g...

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Five Top Tips For Riding With A Passenger Once you've got the hang of riding your motorcycle on your own, one of the more fun advanced techniques you can brush up on is riding with a passenger. It's a challenging feat, and saf...

Samsung Note 7 Preview

In the ever raging mobile device wars Samsung has made itself a standout contender by artfully cribbing proven ideas from other developers, steadily improving on their innovations, and incorporating important user feedback. Now...

Doctor Strange Receives A New UK Release Date

Doctor Strange Receives A New UK Release Date It looks like the UK release date of Marvel Studio's Doctor Strange has moved a few days ahead of schedule. Though previously set for release on October 28, 2016, a tweet from Marv...

Time To Get Excited About The Witcher 3 Again

Time To Get Excited About The Witcher 3 Again You all remember The Witcher 3, correct? We certainly do. The expansive display of open world excellence was released last year to much fanfare and many well-deserved accolades. If...

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