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Businesses have always been faced with using multiple databases to maintain the customer service. Zendesk aims to provide a solution that unifies the process and provides a better customer service experience. Zendesk is a help-desk ticketing software that allows businesses to track and solve issues. This software was created to improve customer satisfaction by providing better customer service and improving content management. Before Zendesk, businesses had to grapple with using many different databases to service customers. The bigger problem was that these databases could only be accessed on-location. Zendesk offered a welcome solution to this issue by streamlining all databases into one user-friendly, cloud-based interface. This allows both customer service and sales agents to contact and respond to customers via smartphone or tablet. Zendesk recently integrated with social media giants Facebook and Twitter to further assist businesses in forging better relationships with their customers. However, there are many other ways that Zendesk can help businesses solve some of their most complex dilemmas.

Tickets Accessible from Any Device in One Database

When customers have questions or concerns, they like them to be answered timely and efficiently. Businesses that operate outside of normal business hours can contact customers anytime using the Zendesk app. As long as the agent has a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other connected Wi-Fi device, they're able to access the data using the app. Once the ticket is answered and completed, it updates in real-time, so there is no risk of another agent contacting the same customer.

Supports BYOD Trend

Businesses that follow the bring-your-own-device trend are finding Zendesk to be particularly helpful since it is an app-based software. Zendesk apps are available for download on iOS-powered devices, Android-powered devices, BlackBerry devices and Windows smartphones. Recently, they've also added accessibility for Kindle Fire devices. This flexibility allows businesses to update and manage requests from their own personal devices no matter where they happen to be.

Gathers Analytics

Another additional feature of Zendesk is that it gathers analytics about performance. It reports how tickets are received and solved and how many are still in the backlog. It also keeps track of customer satisfaction rates, helping businesses improve their customer service strategies. Zendesk offers a modern "connected" take on customer service that no other business has attempted before. It bridges the gap between mobile consumers and businesses that are transitioning into the cloud. As their popularity continues to soar, and technology becomes more sophisticated, Zendesk will continue to improve its services to produce happier consumers and stronger businesses. References:

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