The Water Wall: A romantic must-see tourist attraction in Houston

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If you're into romantic settings and magical moments where you could close your eyes and make wishes to your heart's content, and you happen to visit the delightful Uptown Houston, you must not miss your chance to experience one of the most romantic tourist spots in the city. Simply known to Houstonians as the Water Wall, the tourist spot is a compelling piece of architecture measuring 64 feet that looks like a huge horseshoe. It utilizes almost 80,000 gallons of recycled water to power up the "endless" gushing of water cascading like waterfalls from its walls, both inside and outside. The water fountain was named by the city after Gerald D. Hines, a known real estate developer in Houston. It sits right across the Williams Tower building formerly known as Transco. Surrounded by lush trees and green grass, the Water Wall sits in a park which is an ideal picnic area for those who want to hang out. The park sometimes transforms into a concert venue where various musicians perform to a crowd of visiting locals and tourists. Since its construction in 1985, the Water Wall had been a remarkable backdrop to many important civic events in Houston. Even filmmakers and video producers have already used its majestic façade to be featured in their artistic projects. In fact, the wedding ceremony of a famous Houston Oiler quarterback was held at the Water Wall in 1988. Many who dared to stand inside the waterfalls have attested to experiencing quite an amazing sense of peace and tranquility while listening to the sound of the flowing water which may be the reason why the Water Wall is a famous setting for marriage proposals, romantic strolls, group dates, and of course, photo opportunities. But the fun doesn't stop there. The Water Wall is located in the Uptown district of Houston so it's surrounded by countless establishments including specialty shops, retail stores, restaurants and hotels. For mall aficionados and shopaholics, the famous upscale Galleria Mall which boasts of a huge ice skating rink and countess major and high end brand shops frequented by celebrities from all around the world is just around the corner. Happy traveling!

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