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Rainne Celespara
Houston, Texas, United States
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SALES COPYWRITER/ B2B CONTENT WRITER Writes fluid, engaging sales copy. Proficient in writing content for landing pages. Proficient in creating SEO driven content, B2B and B2C articles and blogs. Has a Bachelor's degree in Communications. Has 7+ years of experience in Media Planning, Advertising, Media Research, Sales and Marketing. Contributed articles to CBS, Mapquest Travel, The Write Life, AXS, and digital marketing businesses. Has written TV reviews for Time Warner. Has ghostwritten for high profile websites and online magazines. Proficient in editing, proofreading and rewriting...

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How to Clean Up Your Driveway and Keep It Looking New

Taking care of your driveway may be the last thing on your mind when you first move into a new home. Driveways are a functional space created mainly for vehicles, and to most homeowners, their purpose outweighs their aesthetic ...

How to Survive and Thrive in an Ad Agency

If you are just starting your advertising career and looking for the best advertising job that fits your skills, then you're about to embark on a wonderful journey just like I did when I first started. Before I became a writer...

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Social media has been proven as instrumental in propelling businesses to the top. By establishing direct connections with their target market, companies are able to create buzz for their brands, especially within bloggers and i...

Top Places To Read Your Book With Coffee In Houston

For the lovers of prose, enjoying a good book or a fascinating piece of literature with a delicious cup of coffee is a priceless experience. For those who love to set out on an adventure to hunt for the best cafes in town, ther...

The Water Wall: A romantic must-see tourist attraction in Houston

If you're into romantic settings and magical moments where you could close your eyes and make wishes to your heart's content, and you happen to visit the delightful Uptown Houston, you must not miss your chance to experience on...

Conan takes a funny spin in the U2, Apple ‘debacle’

We've heard a lot of people lashing at Apple for the past several days because the tech giant surprised its iTunes users with a free gift - U2's latest album called Songs of Innocence. Apple has since responded by installing an...

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