The Top Free & Affordable Project Management Tools for Copywriters

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Most copywriters don't have the luxury of working on just one project at a time, so they have to be able to juggle multiple assignments at the same time. This is difficult for even the most seasoned writers, but a project management tool can make a huge difference in a copywriter's organization, time management, and content output.

Benefits of project management for copywriters

In the shortest terms, project management software is a tool that streamlines the planning, initiation, execution, completion, and review of your tasks and projects. Whereas you'd normally have to keep your deadlines, client notes, ideas, pitches, and other copywriting mainstays straight on your own, a project management tool effectively consolidates those processes and data into a single convenient platform.

Needless to say, a copywriter has much to gain from selecting a project management tool. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right tool?

Top project management tools for copywriters

There are a couple of things to look for when choosing a project management tool to help your copywriting, and actually nailing down a project management tool will depend on what you need and what features you value most. But here are three of the strongest contenders when it comes to project management for copywriters.


Consistently a favorite by writers of all types, Trello is rated highly by its diverse base of users and is frequently cited as one of the easiest project management platforms to use. This is likely due to the user-friendly card-based design and drag-and-drop user interface.

But don't let its simplicity fool you. Trello is actually more robust than it looks, offering you numerous options for attaching documents, files, notes, and other info to your individual cards. Plus, each card offers a chronological timeline of changes, making it easy to track progress. And let's not forget that the platform easily supports multiple users, so if you fancy recruiting yourself a protégé, it'll be simple to add him or her to your existing "boards" — which is the platform's term for a series of related cards — and begin delegating some of your many time-sensitive projects.

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