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Dane O'Leary
Stephens City, Virginia, United States
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My name is Dane, and I'm a professional writer and tech journalist. My work has been featured on the likes of Android Authority, Dual-Diagnosis.org, Millennial Magazine, Modernize.com, and numerous other properties. I excel at long-form content, technical copy, editorials, and blog posts. Some of the industries for which I've written the most include consumer and mobile technology, interior design, and mental health.

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‘Aquaman’ Review: A Straightforward Adventure with Epic Visuals

This past weekend, I saw Aquaman, the latest installment of the critically-maligned DC movie franchise. Now that I've seen the film myself, I'll say this: I was both pleasantly surprised and a bit disappointed. Horror Master M...

Why Freelancers Should Be Thinking About Tax Season All Year Long

Ah, tax season. Whether you're a business owner, independent professional, or a freelancer, tax season tends to be a time of year that strikes fear in the hearts of many. For freelancers, in particular, tax season can be parti...

The Top Free & Affordable Project Management Tools for Copywriters

Most copywriters don't have the luxury of working on just one project at a time, so they have to be able to juggle multiple assignments at the same time. This is difficult for even the most seasoned writers, but a project manag...

The Uncarrier ventures into "digital banking" with T-Mobile Money

As a tech nerd, I get way too excited when I see something new or unusual in consumer technology. That excitement is compounded for me when familiar companies explore new, unfamiliar sectors of technology. The latter is definit...

How to Get More Facebook Traffic by Posting Less

I continuously hear the same questions from my clients: "How can I start using Snapchat?" "Should I be posting more Stories on Instagram?" These new platforms are obviously important. But my response is typically the same: ...

What's the best way to lock your smartphone?

Biometric and non-biometric: What's the difference? The term biometric refers to biological data, which can be something as accessible as a fingerprint or as intense as genetic data. For our present purposes, though, you shoul...

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