The Inspiring Story of a Beauty Queen

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Hair extensions are great for changing your look, snazzing up your style and wowing your many followers on Insta. Just clip in your fab new look and suddenly you’re setting a trend. But what if you need the hair extensions, rather than just enjoying them for a change?

Beauty queen

One of the most inspiring stories of 2017 was about Chloe, a young lady with alopecia, who went on to become a Miss England contestant. She endured awful bullying at school, but still battled on to chase her dream. What a journey, to go from being called ‘Humpty Dumpty’ to being one of England’s beauty queens with a chance of winning the title of Miss England.

Hair extensions: the solution

Since the age of sixteen, Chloe, who has already won a local beauty contest, has had to wear hair extensions to cover up bald patches caused by the incurable condition. She says wearing the clip in extensions every day improves her confidence, and allows her to experiment with different hair styles. They have given her and her hair some freedom back.

Alopecia, a treatable but incurable condition, is hair loss that may, in some cases, be caused by stress. Don’t worry – we’re not talking about losing a follower on Twitter type stress! The chances of your hair falling out are very low for women, but our fast-paced lives and crash diets are two possible causes of hair loss in women. So, in 2018, make sure you’re taking time for yourself, being kind to each other and eating well.

We’ve got you covered

Our clip in hair extensions are there for anyone. Hopefully you’ll be visiting our online shop because you need to get your style back on fleek with either human hair or synthetic hair extensions. But it’s good to know that, should you ever need those extensions, they’ll be there for you.

After all, if a young woman who was almost bald at times can now be a beauty pageant winner thanks to hair extensions, imagine what they can do for you. Get in touch with us at LullaBellz to find out more.

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