Overcoming Fears

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Overcoming Fears

What is a Fear?

If you were to walk down the street and ask ten inconspicuous passers by if they were deeply afraid of something, all ten of them would likely be able to give you an answer. Whether it be to clowns, spiders, or needles - fears are a fairly common occurrence. This is because fears are subconscious reactions triggered by the perception of danger.

Once something has invoked a feeling of fear within us, we then begin to associate that thing with the fearful feeling. This association will then implant itself into one's subconscious memories creating a neural pathway. That neural pathway will send signals to the brain when this subconscious memory is triggered that will cause an instinctual reaction, one where we avoid this stressor out of concern for our own well being.

Fears Become Phobias

If left unaddressed, a simple fear of puppies can turn into a looming terror of werewolves lurking in the night. That means to say smaller instinctual fears can develop to an extreme extent, to what would then be referred to as a phobia. A phobia is an anxiety disorder caused by an irrational level of fear to a specific stressor. Phobias can become so intense that one's aversion to the stressor can interfere with daily life.

How is Therapy Used to Target Fears

Through therapy, we can be walked back through the proverbial halls of our mind to address an underlying problem. A therapist can hold our hands and guide us to the source of our fear, gently soothe one's inner child to help us rationalize a traumatic experience causing triggered reactions. Once the source is understood you and your therapist can work together creating a treatment plan that works for you to grow to new heights beyond the constraints of your fears.

Seeking Help is Always an Option

There is no shame in wanting the best quality of life for yourself. Don't allow anxieties and fears to stand in the way of feeling your best and living out your greatest potentials. Make mental health a top priority, put those demons to rest, and schedule an appointment with your therapist today.

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