iPhone 5s: Is the iPhone 5s Really the Fastest Smartphone in the World?

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*The internet is constantly buzzing with rumors and reports about the newest Apple products. With the announcement of the iPhone 5s, the internet is ablaze with curiosity. How does this smartphone measure up? * It seems that Apple is always on the cusp of developing a new iPhone. Many times, the release of a new version comes just shortly after the release of the previous one. Some critics believe that this is a gimmick designed to make consumers continue purchasing iOS products; but Apple says this couldn't be further from the truth. Much of its success comes from the fact that Apple is not only innovative, it's also customer-centric. Apple listens to consumer feedback and utilizes the newest technology to provide a product that works even better than the last. Today, that product is the latest Apple creation--iPhone 5s. This phone is rumored to be the fastest operating smartphone on the planet. Is it really?

Introducing the New iPhone 5s

It feels like it was just yesterday that Apple released its iPhone 5, and already the iPhone 5s is making big noise throughout the technology industry. Perhaps the cause for excitement is as simple as some enhanced specifications, or it could be due to the fact that this model comes in three different colors instead of just two. To truly appreciate what's better about the iPhone 5s, one has to discover its features and specs. Latest enhanced specifications include:
- Three colors: gold, space gray, silver
- Available for purchase in three storage capacities: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
- 0.3-inch depth for an ultra-slim look
- Fingerprint-resistant coated glass
- 4-inch widescreen display
- 1136 x 640 pixel resolution @ 326 ppi
- 8mp Camera
- 1080p HD video recording
- Video stabilization (improved from iPhone 5)
- 10 hours talk-time (on 3G)
- 250-hour standby
- 40-hour audio playback / 10-hour video playback
- Fingerprint identity sensor
What about its improved speed? According to the Apple website, the Apple iPhone 5s contains a 64-bit A7 chip with an M7 co-processor, making it the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. But does that alone make it the fastest smartphone in the world?

iPhone 5s Fastest on the Planet?

According to a SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark 1 test conducted by Anand Lal Shimpi from Anand Tech, the iPhone 5s is clearly the fastest smartphone in existence. The iPhone 5s left other popular smartphones in the dust, including:
- HTC One
- LG Optimus G Pro
- Samsung Galaxy S 4
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2
- Apple iPhone 5 and 5c
This particular test shows how the iPhone 5s holds up against the first benchmark browser. It also proved to be faster than any other phone or tablet on two of the four benchmark tests. So why the extra speed? Big sales, of course! Industry experts anticipated that the iPhone 5s would vastly outsell the iPhone 5, but no prediction was even close to the number that actually sold. Experts estimated between five and eight million would be purchased, but Apple surprised them all by exceeding 200 million sold units (some sales numbers include the 5c model, which was released the same day). According to Business Insider, nine million of them were sold during the opening weekend alone; and as a result, Apple's stock went up six percent. It seems that Apple has set the bar pretty high for itself, as well as for other companies. One can only wonder what the next Apple product could possibly do to outperform the 5s. For now, consumers will have to wait and see while basking in the glory of the super-fast iPhone 5s.

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