Introduction: "Trillions on the Table: How to Stop Ignoring the Richest, Untapped Market in the World"

This is a writing sample from Scripted writer Angela Jackson

Trillions On The Table: How To Stop Ignoring The Richest, Untapped Market In The World

Clare and her mom came to Vancouver for Christmas and Clare's mom, an F50+ ( a female over 50 years old ) wanted to buy a luxury SUV, so Clare and her mom went car shopping.

At the Porsche dealership however, the salesman told her he had no available cars to test drive in the model she was interested in. He treated her so poorly, in fact, she went directly down the street to BMW and purchased a vehicle there, spending more money than the cost of the car she originally asked to test drive.

The next day, Clare's mom returned to the Porsche dealership in her brand new BMW SUV and spoke to the manager.

She asked: "Was the car she had wanted to test drive available that day?" He said: "Yes, they had several models."

She asked: "Were they available the previous day?" He replied: "Yes."

By ignoring Clare's mom, an F50+, and denying her a test drive, that Porsche salesman cost the dealership 100,000 dollars.

True story.

"Wealthy Boomer women are the marquee players in our country's culture and commerce. They are educated, have a high income and make 95% of the purchase decisions in their households_."_

Why did I write "Trillions on the Table" for you?

First, to show you it's not just one bad Porsche salesman ignoring one F50+ and losing 100k – it's anyone selling anything ignoring the F50+ market and losing out on 19 trillion dollars. Let me say that one more time:

There's NINETEEN TRILLION DOLLARS being left on the F50+ table.

That statistic is from 2007 so you've got to know that's probably a lowball figure and part of the OVER FORTY TRILLION DOLLARS worldwide that women will spend in 2021.

Please keep in mind: every example I will give you about F50+ in this book will also apply to and benefit the female market.

I know.


One more thing: women choose 80% of a man's products a wife would typically shop for her husband.

Not just F50+. Not just Millennial women. All women.

Not just Boomer wives. Not just Millennial wives. All wives.

So not "just" F50+ trillions but F50+ as a gateway to untold ROI.

Could this be you, letting that money and those markets slip through your fingers?

With Trillions on the Table, I'm going to show you how to stop ignoring F50+ and you will see how treating F50+ right means it will then give your brand an incredibly expanded reach to other significant demographics... without even trying.

So. Much. Money.

Meanwhile, if you don't read this book, the biggest problem is you don't even see that it's a problem.

You're being kept up at night thinking many other worries like:

  • My marketing isn't doing enough for my brand
  • I want to grow but my market scope feels pushed to the limit
  • I want more M25-35/ Millennials/ Gen Z but the competition is brutal
  • I want to differentiate but I do not know how
  • It feels like every significant market is already being tapped out

You keep looking for a new and endless marketing angle to grow your business but you swear the best ones are already over saturated.

You're not seeing it's not a lack of market but a lack of vision that is causing your problems.

You're not seeing the solution to all your business insomnia right in front of you.

But you could.

All you have to do is change your POV.

This statistic is everything: Nielsen estimates that less than 5 percent of advertising dollars target adults 35-64. The report states that most marketers write off consumers at age 49.

It means there is no marketing ad spend and therefore NO COMPETITION for F50+.

And yet by 2030, the US population will be older. Much older. In 2030, there will in fact be more boomers than children under 18.

Let that sink in for a second.

45-64 yo will be 23% and 1 out of 5 residents (Boomers) will be 65+ years old. These Boomers hold over 50% of US wealth or almost 60 trillion dollars. And Boomer women? Make 95% of the purchase decisions in their household and spend 250% more of what the general population spends.

Why do you need to know that?

Because there's a clock on the problem that no one's seeing. To beat it, you're going to have to open your eyes to F50+ and put a strategy in place sooner than later. There's a lot of Boomers, and they are going to run out of patience with your brand if you don't.

Not only is the population aging, it's also a longer living, healthier population. That means they have much more time and energy to be purchasing but no one bothers to guide them on those decisions.

F50+ will have another 30+ years to buy your products and services; remember that before you think it's a limited option.

As well, F50+ are on the other side of what "Women Want More" termed as the V curve of satisfaction, meaning women are happiest in their early then later years, with a big valley in long years in between. F50+ are on the side with the most money.

However, ad spend is primarily directed at Millennials, who are the largest workforce in the US; they are also the least wealthy.

The generation holds just 4.6%, or $5.19 trillion, of US wealth, Bloomberg reported, citing recent Federal Reserve data. Boomers, however, are 10 times wealthier. They hold 53.2%, or $59.96 trillion, of US wealth. That's also twice the $28.5 trillion of US wealth that Gen X holds.

Why would you spend your money on the population with the lowest worth instead of focusing on or including F50+?

And know this ...ironically, there are more similarities between boomers and other generations than differences, Deacon points out, citing a US study that found "significant differences did not exist between baby Boomers and Millennial males.

Financial and demographic statistics all support this data of older wealth so why isn't the marketing world catering to where the money is? Especially when I've just reminded you that focusing on F50+ also reaches all women and all their husbands, not to mention boyfriends, sons, nephews, and so on and so on.

To unpack this, you only have to look at how society views aging in media and marketing: young is good and therefore the problem is our very idea of old age, which is socially constructed, historically contingent and deeply flawed…oldness in this misleading definition, is bad.

Everyone: "Just show young. No one wants to see old."

What's my point?

And how is all this F50+ knowledge going to help you sleep like a baby?

By giving you the opportunity of a lifetime.

There's money left on F50+ table.

All the money.

Right now, no one recognizes this demographic for the financial goldmine it is. Almost all companies are blind to the enormous prize money because, as a herd, they believe in common and false narratives such as senility begins at 50 and no one over that age shops online or follows social media.


This group of super consumers, who will experience the largest population growth over the next 10 years, represent off-the-charts spending power, yet most of these women feel completely ignored by marketers.

By ignoring F50+, you're missing the largest population growth with the most money that does the most purchasing.

The problem is you're leaving trillions on the F 50+ table and those trillions are a gateway to even larger rewards, market and demographic wise.

Your competitors will get that money before you.

Your customers are getting older and will leave you for brands that see them.

But. Before you think: "Quick fix = trillions for me!" it's not just a slight matter of fiddling with a youth oriented, male focused marketing strategy and waiting for F50+ to flock to your brand. That typical and tired approach isn't working for women now, let alone this demographic, the richest asset within an incredible and highly underutilized revenue resource.

As a market, women represent an opportunity bigger than China and India combined...Women drive the world economy, in fact. Yet most companies do a remarkably poor job of serving them, a new study by the Boston Consulting Group reveals.

You need a completely new mind set and POV to create a wholly new and distinctive approach - one that will not only capture the attention of F50+ but will attract women in general, who buy for their husbands, as well as a big share of the Millennials everyone wants.

You would benefit in all those markets. The mind boggles. But how would you accomplish all of that in one fell swoop?

With my SUMMF50+ system.

What I will show you is how to pull up a chair at the F50+ table and begin a genuine, long term and tremendously lucrative conversation.

Save your business before it's too late.

Make trillions.

You may ask: who are you to make these wild claims about leading me to an untouched market of trillions? Why should I believe you?

You should believe me because I am your market.

I am an F50+.

With this book, I'm already seated at the table of trillions with the same POV as the rest of F50+. I've experienced many of the same life stages, challenges, emotions and motivations of this demographic. I'm also a peer authority, meaning my opinion just means more.

I speak F50+ fluently.

And what I show you about myself in these pages as an individual, not a number, will allow you to see all of us the same way.

For example, here are few fun facts:


I wrote a dating blog as a guide and support for F50+ about the good, the bad and the ghosting and it's gotten more than 90,000 reads. I know this market.


I have the film taste of a tween boy - I've seen all 23 MCU movies, some of them many times. I also heart Taylor Swift. And I'm 58 years old. Not one of these facts cancels out the others.

  1. Most of the women on my best friend tier are younger than me, in their 20s, 30s and 40s, but two of my closest friends are F50+. We're all similar in our sense of humor, our work ethic, our worldview; we just recognize our best selves in each other.

Commonalities, not age, bind us because that's how people genuinely connect.

And that F50+ blog? I got readers of all ages and genders who would comment on the posts because I wrote authentically about universal feelings and experiences. If you reverse engineer that, it means F50+ are interested in the same things everyone else is interested in, or we would be if you showed us why we should be interested in you.

To show this, throughout the book I'll give you specific examples of "Millennial" industries and brands and how you could apply an F50+ lens for a huge monetary advantage.

Some may surprise you.

That is going to be the point.

You may think you know what F50+ can and can't do for you, if you think about it at all, but I'm going to show you a different POV.

My F50+ POV.

So what is Trillions on the Table going to do for you?

With my SUMMF50+ system, it will show you how to make the most of the opportunity that is the F50+ market – literally the richest, unseen and untapped market in the world.

Not only will I tell you what misconceptions and hurdles are blocking your marketing vision, I will give you the 80/20 of the entire solution, the core mechanism equation and the exact steps to take once we change your POV.

By applying my SUMMF50+ system, created as a peer authority, you will see, understand and market meaningfully to the most powerful consumer on the planet – females 50 years and older.

And as an incredibly rich bonus, you will also connect with the whole of the female economy ( and all the males they buy for ) through your authentic approach.

But don't stay up at night worrying about how you're going to do this now.

It's easy.

I know you have F50+ in your life already: your mom, your aunts, your grandma, your colleagues, maybe some fun older friends. They are people to you. They aren't just a number. If you can see one, you can imagine seeing all the ones that make up the whole. Every one seated at the F50+ table.

Using my SUMMF50+system will allow you to see who we feel we are and where we are in our lives, where we're coming from and going to, and what we'd like to see. All of these things really just take changing your POV and some clearly stated steps.

But if you feel you need more than a personal connection and a detailed book to move forward and begin tapping into those untouched trillions - someone on your team that speaks F50+, knows what makes F50+ think, feel and buy - please, book a call with me.

As an F50+ consultant, I would be happy to talk to you about pivoting your current program or assist with developing a new dynamic, purposeful F50+ strategy. I can apply my F50+ eye to your site content, segment your email list with curated surveys, advise on social media – anything and everything on your F50+ focused campaign.

Let me be your F50+ translator.

Because, after reading Trillions on the Table, creating an F50+ campaign will become number one on your to do list.

To recognize and prioritize the F50+ consumer is to win a race no one else has bothered to enter. The finish will be in less than 10 years. The prize is at least 19 trillion dollars.

I'm here to show you where the starting line is.

Written by:

Angela Jackson
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Angela is full time writer and native Vancouverite. She is a versatile creator of content, from course curriculum in the hospitality industry to a popular dating blog with 90k+ reads and now as a ghostwriter and author of "Trillions on the Table", a non fiction front end marketing asset. She also has book and site review experience. While these are examples of her niches, she also loves researching new topics because she is a nerd. When not reading, writing or enjoying a glass of wine, she is wondering what people with hobbies are doing.
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