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Angela is full time writer and native Vancouverite. She is a versatile creator of content, from course curriculum in the hospitality industry to a popular dating blog with 90k+ reads and now as a ghostwriter and author of "Trillions on the Table", a non fiction front end marketing asset. She also has book and site review experience. While these are examples of her niches, she also loves researching new topics because she is a nerd. When not reading, writing or enjoying a glass of wine, she is wondering what people with hobbies are doing.

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5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Moira Rose (You Will Definitely Want to Do It)

5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Moira Rose (You Will Definitely Want to Do It) If you haven’t had the pleasure of Moira Rose’s company yet, let me introduce you. Moira perches on the edge of a little town called Schitt’s Creek...

Ghostwritten Chapter: Micro Story Magic

Sample Ghost Written Introduction of "Micro Story Magic": How Do You Market an Elephant? One Micro Story at a Time What is this book about? Well, I can't write everyone's story, so I want to give them the ability to do that t...

Blog Book Review: Love Me, Don't Leave Me Part 2

Love Me, Don't Leave Me: Part 2 In part one of Love Me Don't Leave Me, I write about how close to the bone several of the toxic childhood schemas were for me and the general effect of issues thereof for many years. I mention m...

Book Review: Love Me, Don't Leave Me Part I

Love Me, Don't Leave Me: Part 1 I was asked if I would review a book about overcoming childhood abandonment issues to build lasting, loving relationships by Michelle Skeen, PsyD disconcertingly named:"Love Me Don't Leave Me". ...

Introduction: "Trillions on the Table: How to Stop Ignoring the Richest, Untapped Market in the World"

Trillions On The Table: How To Stop Ignoring The Richest, Untapped Market In The World Clare and her mom came to Vancouver for Christmas and Clare's mom, an F50+ ( a female over 50 years old ) wanted to buy a luxury SUV, so Cl...

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